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Chanukah Basics

The Chanukah story, Chanukah observances, Chanukah FAQs and the menorah lighting procedure in succinct form -- with a plethora of links that lead to the unabridged version...

What Is Hanukkah?
Info you need about Chanukah
The history, the observances, and the inner significance . . .
13 Hanukkah Facts Every Jew Should Know
Become an expert on this widely celebrated but barely understood Jewish festival.
Chanukah FAQs
What does the holiday of Chanukah celebrate? How is it spelled, Chanukah or Hanukkah? What does the word Chanukah mean? What is the ninth candle for? Is Chanukah a major Jewish holiday? Answers to these questions and more . . .
What Does Chanukah Actually Mean?
People love to joke about the many ways to pronounce and spell Chanukah. But what does chanukah actually mean?
What Is a Dreidel (Sevivon)?
The dreidel, known in Hebrew as a sevivon, dates back to the time of the Greek-Syrian rule over the Holy Land—which set off the Maccabean revolt that culminated in the Chanukah miracle.
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