Some milestones, like birthdays, happen once a year. Others, like bar and bat mitzvahs, we celebrate just once. And there are some milestones that come after more than seven years of hard work.

For more than seven years, Rabbi Avraham Zajac has been teaching a daily Talmud class, covering a single folio each day.

The class is enjoyed by local attendees in his Los Angeles Chabad House, as well as his international following on Devoted to his audiences, Rabbi Zajac has given his class from airports and anywhere else he happened to find himself, and, of course, continued to stream through the hardest days of the pandemic.

We’re delighted to share that in just a few weeks, on March 9, the class will have completed the entire Talmud—all 2,711 folios. This monumental accomplishment means (among other things) that you can now study any page of Talmud with a master teacher right here on

In addition to the rabbi’s clear explanations, many come for the chassidic insights that he weaves into almost every page.

“I’ve gotten so much positive feedback and encouragement from our online audience,” attests Rabbi Zajac. “It took some time to get used to bumping into people who I’d never met before but were really good friends through the class. The gift of technology and’s reach has allowed what began as a local group to grow into an international movement that anyone can become part of.”

And everyone is now invited to join the siyum celebration

"This has been an incredible journey,” said Rabbi Meir Simcha Kogan, director of, speaking of the close collaboration between the team and Rabbi Zajac. “Our team feels humbled to have been able to partner with Rabbi Zajac for seven years to bring this treasure to our students who visit from 245 countries.”

Have you studied with Rabbi Zajac, either daily or occasionally, online or in-person? Please drop us a line. Perhaps we will include your story in our coverage of this momentous occasion.

Whether you’ve been part of the journey all along or if you’ve just learned about it now, please stay tuned to learn about the exciting celebration we have planned, both in Los Angeles and right here on