As Jewish communities around the globe marked the completion of the annual study of MaimonidesMishneh Torah, the folks at Chabad of Flamingo in Toronto had other reasons to celebrate.

For one thing, they have a great rabbi: Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, who seems to have an endless storehouse of wisdom and learning to share.

Also, many of them were completing the entire compendium of Jewish law known as the Mishneh Torah, or for others, the corresponding book called Sefer Hamitzvot (“Book of Commandments”).

But there was an added element of excitement.

For some time, Rabbi Kaplan had been filming daily classes in Sefer Hamitzvot and streaming them over, enabling thousands of individuals around the globe to learn alongside him and his merry band of students.

A unique aspect of these classes—aside from the rabbi’s signature crisp delivery and humor—is the fact that he often ties the study in with insight and facts from the corresponding chapters in Mishneh Torah, giving the students a feel of what others are learning at the same time.

They finished the first cycle two years ago. Then it took an additional two years to fill in the gaps caused by Shabbat, holidays and travel, but there is now a complete set of classes on the entire Sefer Hamitzvot available online on

The group couldn’t hold back their excitement. The international crowd of e‑learners was also excited, as were our guys at

So excited that they surprised the rabbi with this exquisite cake.

Mazal tov!