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Day Five of Week 4: Hod of Netzach

Day Five of Week 4: Hod of Netzach

26th Day of the Omer


Yielding - which is a result of humility - is an essential element of enduring. Standing fast can sometimes be a formula for destruction. The oak, lacking the ability to bend in the hurricane, is uprooted. The reed, which yields to the wind, survives without a problem. Do I know when to yield, out of strength not fear? Why am I often afraid to yield?

Endurance is fueled by inner strength. Hod of netzach is the humble recognition and acknowledgement that the capacity to endure and prevail comes from the soul that G‑d gave each person. This humility does not compromise the drive of endurance; on the contrary, it intensifies it, because human endurance can go only so far and endure only so much, whereas endurance that comes from the Divine soul is limitless.

Do I attribute my success solely to my own strength and determination? Am I convinced that I am all powerful due to my level of endurance? Where do I get the strength at times when everything seems so bleak?

Exercise for the day: When you awake, acknowledge G‑d for giving you a soul with the extraordinary power and versatility to endure despite trying challenges. This will allow you to draw energy and strength for the entire day.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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jim dallas May 6, 2017

in conversations that one might have with him/her self or with an actual perceptable other one, sometimes the endurance becomes paramount on one side when it should make room for a little bending to soften up the associate on the other any rate studying Torah is wonderful! Reply

Zvi Blue Ash May 6, 2017

Yielding/ Strength Yielding comes out of love. Strength is the backbone of love. Reply

Anonymous mi May 19, 2016

thank you for a relevant message today Reply

Sue Kanata May 18, 2016

The love of the Divine is a great miracle. Your faith is all it takes for that greatness to intercept and to heal, or alter what obstacles there may be. Always have faith in that One. Reply

Marvin Finkelstein Kew Gardens Hills, Queens May 18, 2016

Going Through the Dark Day of Substitute Teaching and Job Search I lost my job at Chase Manhattan in February, 2001 right at the beginning of the recession.
I attempted to become a high school mathematics teacher, unsucessfully and thought that all was lost.
Went to Workforce, was the only person at one of their Friday morning seminars, and was hired as a temporary person at VESID now
On the day of my typing test, read tehillim in my cubicle, barely passed the test, and am now employed permanently and celebrated seven years this past March 9th. Reply

Carol Goldman, Watertown Watertown, MA April 22, 2013

Hod Of Netzach I found this message very moving, especially in light of the unfolding events in the Boston, MA area. I live in Watertown, MA and was very unnerved by having to spend an entire day in at-home "lockdown". Reply

Evelyne' Long USA April 21, 2013

Boker Tov and Toda Rabbah,

This is my first time of counting the Omer, I am so pleased that I finally got started. The inspiration and illuminations that you and your "team" at Chabad are providing are always thought provoking. I am so very grateful to Adonai for directing me to the Chabad website.

Never again will I not count the Omer!
Shalom and Blessings

Dawn Michigan April 21, 2013

Beautiful thoughts! Thank you for sharing Reply

Linda Brooklyn April 21, 2013

Endurance and the spiritual source Truly, in these trying days (Boston and Texas) endurance and the faith in H' as the. Source of all strength is so necessary! Your meditations for this day are priceless and timeless, as are all the writings written or inspired by the Rebbe. Reply

Annmarie Feiler Las Vegas April 21, 2013

Simple but powerful Loved this particular meditation. Simple and so powerful... wisdom. Thank you Chabad. Reply

Ann Throckmorton Riverdale, GA May 3, 2012

Hod of Netzach -- Yielding in Enduring How strongly this year's Pesach and Counting of the Omer have spoken to me as I retired from 30+ years of public service. Indeed, there is a time to Yield in Enduring. is so important to my daily life; more so each day. Reply

linda nicholson Mt Jackson va, U.S.A May 2, 2012

spiritual guide to the Omer Yes, I enjoyed this one very much and i am planning on sharing it on facebook. Reply

Peter J. Nickitas Minneapolis, MN May 2, 2012

Omer meditations and prayers Sir:

Are the several Omer meditations and prayers in your column set forth in one place?

I wish to reflect and act in accordance with this useful guide all year long.

G-d's wisdom manifests in your work. Reply

Omer Scott D. Elam Moore, Oklahoma, USA May 15, 2011

Omer reminders Boker tov and Shalom:

I really appreciate these reminders for the Omer counting and blessings.

When I chose "Omer" for my Jewish name at 13-years-old, it was because I liked and respected my uncle "Omer Scott" ... whom I'm named after and is my Zayde Elam's brother. Great uncle Omer was a great person for sure. He was always at zayde's house for Shabbat and all us kids looked up to him.

However, coming from a reform Jewish family, we never really counted the Omer and participated in a complete observance of it. After reading all the reminders and saying the blessings each day/counting the days.....I've come to have a great reverance for the true meaning of my name and look forward to counting down the Omer every year from now on.

Toda raba for your kind attention and teaching hearts. Chabad web site is a blessing to those of us trying to be more in touch and participatory with our heritage as Jews.

Sincerely, Reply

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