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Day One of Week 4: Chesed of Netzach

Day One of Week 4: Chesed of Netzach

22nd Day of the Omer


Week Four - Netzach

Endurance and ambition is a combination of determination and tenacity. It is a balance of patience, persistence and guts. Endurance is also being reliable and accountable, which establishes security and commitment. Without endurance, any good endeavor or intention has no chance of success.

Endurance means to be alive, to be driven by what counts. It is the readiness to fight for what you believe, to go all the way. Without such commitment any undertaking remains flat and empty. It is an energy which comes from within and stops at nothing to achieve its goals. This, of course, requires that endurance be closely examined to ensure that it is used in a healthy and productive manner.

Ask yourself: How committed am I to my values? How much would I fight for them? Am I easily swayed? What price am I ready to pay for my beliefs? Is there any truth for which I would be ready to give my life?

Effective endurance needs to encompass the following seven ingredients: love, discipline, compassion, endurance, humility, bonding and dignity. The problems people have with endurance and commitment are due to a lack of one or more of these seven components.

Day One of Week 4: Chesed of Netzach

For anything to endure it needs to be loved. A neutral or indifferent attitude will reflect in a marginal commitment. If you have difficulty making commitments, examine how much you love and enjoy the object that requires your commitment. Do I love my work? My family? My choices?

For endurance to be effective it needs to be caring and loving. Endurance without love can be counterproductive. Raw endurance can come across as harsh and aggressive, which undermines the cooperation of others. Out of sheer determination one may often become controlling and demanding, driving others away. For endurance to be successful it needs a loving and caring attitude, it requires patience.

Does my endurance cause me to be, or seem to be, inflexible? Does my drive and determination cause me to be controlling? Am I too demanding? Do others (my employees, friends, children) cooperate with me out of the sheer force of my will and drive, or out of love? Is my endurance unloving? In order to get my way would I allow others to get hurt? Do I believe that the end justifies the means? Would I stop at nothing to achieve my goals? When my endurance prevails and I overcome the obstacles in my way, am I still loving? Even when defending myself and others against unhealthy influences, am I driven by love or hate (see week two, day one)?

Exercise for the day: When fighting for something you believe in, pause a moment to ensure that it is accomplished in a loving manner.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Virginia McCorkle Bellingham WA May 2, 2017

these are very important questions/considerations, yet if i'm willing to follow my heart & choose love consistently as my guiding force, that works better for me than over-thinking everything, obsessing about whether or not i'm doing or following each/every single precept in the right way. G-d wants us to offer peace & joy to the world & the best way for me to accomplish that is to choose love in all i do/say, am. Reply

Anonymous St. Pete, Fla. May 15, 2016

Just sending strength and sympathy to the Lady in Sarasota who's husband is sick. I'm right across the sunshine skyway bridge from you in St. Pete. I'm sorry the doctors are not being compassionate and I hope your husband is feeling better. Someone else commented on the casual use of the term, "Love".. Sending you sincere cyber Love and hugs. Reply

Sue Kanata May 15, 2016

Offering security toward others If you guard someone else by endangering your life or health, and it is your existence upon which the other is relying, be sure to guard yourself with any means that are pacific, lest the loss of your own life or health exposes the subject to the attacker. Endurance is one thing psychologically, but ageing, ill health or trauma can deplete what strength we are endowed with ordinarily. Since we're only human, perhaps the concepts of fighting and going to war as religious believers ought to be elucidated and confined to non violent or intellectual pursuits. Reply

angelica kharazmi malibu May 15, 2016

thank you so much for this, exactly the inspiration needed Reply

BA Kress Austin May 15, 2016

Thank you Outstanding, helpful, and instructive words. Reply

Diana Mara Henry Newport, Vermont April 26, 2015

Much to take to heart.... A beautiful teaching. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous Georgia May 6, 2014

COUNT THE OMER REMINDER 22nd Day of the Omer Thank you so very much for this Omer on Endurance, and what it truly means. I was humbled as I read. G_D and I have to "check" my anger. Most times (the majority), I QUICKLY take my anger and hurts to G_D, He handles them far better than I do. But there are those occasions when I hold on to the 'anger.' This article deeply touched my heart, to repentance. Thank You...! Reply

Leba Brooklyn, New York, USA April 29, 2012

Putting love into determination How do I make it that others will cooperate with me out of love instead of out of "sheer force of my will and drive?" Reply

Cynthia Hardy Matthews, NC April 29, 2012

Endurance Awesome teaching. A serious inflection must be taken after reading this.

Thank you Reply

Anonymous sarasota , Florida April 28, 2012

Endurance going thru a difficult time husband critically ill and staff at hosp so preoccupied with my ability to contact doctors before they do.
It is so uncompassionate of them not to focus on my husband and get into such petty minutia, I pray that they feel the love I have for my husband and apply their energy to his care.B"H Reply

Miri Kraco Sao Paulo, Brazil May 10, 2011

Just perfect! Thank you so much for this Omer Meditation gift, to put love on my life. >When fighting for something you believe in, pause a moment to ensure that it is accomplished in a loving manner.< I will try it! Reply

Celine Bennett Elliot Lake, Canada April 30, 2009

Love Dear editor, the definition of Love in the world and the Love of G-d is NOT the same. That's what is wrong, people cheapen "Love" by saying I love my job, I love pizza and I love you! Yikes! What does love mean? The world is confused with good reason, I'm not confused about Love the real thing, G-d is Love!
I don't appreciate the wording. Words carry substance after all wouldn't you agree that G-d used WORDS to create everything? Reply

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