By the Grace of G‑d

28 Tishrei, 5737

Brooklyn, NY

Greetings and Blessings!

I was pleased to receive your letter from 19 Tishrei, in which you write about the beginning of your settling into a new lifestyle. I was happy to see that you are not dejected from the difficulties that you have encountered in this move, especially since it is regular that "all beginnings are difficult," especially in this time.

This should not only not decrease the devotion and effort to overcome the difficulties, but it should lighten the mood and increase determination, and through this also success in the above-mentioned effort.

May it be G‑d's will that you will report good news from your success in that which you mentioned and from your success in settling into Israeli life, in the land of Israel, founded on the Torah of Israel.

And as we are now at the end of the seventh month, which is "satiated" and filled entirely with good, which culminates with "the time of our rejoicing," may it be G‑d's will that it should be so for you and yours, amongst the entire Jewish People throughout the entire year.

With respect and blessing,

(Igrot Kodesh Vol. 32, p.24)