Not all the chassidim who came to Liadi to spend the holidays with Rabbi Schneur Zalman were learned enough to comprehend his profound discourses. One Shemini Atzeres, a simple laborer approached the Rebbe after having toasted LeChaim several times, as customary on the joyous festival. “Please understand, Rebbe,” he said with uncharacteristic boldness, “I cannot grasp your teachings about the lofty nature of the day. Would you kindly explain it to me in a simplified manner that I, too, could appreciate?”

The Rebbe rubbed his forehead and gently replied: “Surely you are familiar with the preparation of tea essence. Although it is contained in a small bottle, a few drops of its contents mixed daily with hot water can go a long way. In this vein, the joyful experience of Shemini Atzeres is much like the concentrated tea essence; it verily imbues a Jew with joy that will last throughout the year.”

Reshimos Devarim, Vol. 4, p. 154
Translation taken from Once Upon a Chassid, by Michoel Green