G‑d shields His Divine light from creation, for if His light were fully revealed, the physical world would cease to exist.

An X-ray machine must be covered, for if its rays were not shielded, all those in the vicinity would be severely harmed. However, when the protective shield is removed for a split second, the physical matter upon which the rays are focused can continue to exist, and the powerful X-rays allow you to see what lies beneath the outer layers of physical matter.

Similarly, sunlight benefits the world in many ways. Indeed, without sunlight, most living things would not exist. However, looking directly at the sun will instantly cause severe damage. The solution is to put on sunglasses, yet even when one is wearing sunglasses, he knows that the sun still radiates the most intense light.

If one were to experience G‑d’s light unveiled, the soul would expire from sheer yearning and cleave to its Maker, leaving the body behind. However, G‑d’s plan is for the soul to remain in the body, using the “sunglasses” that allow it to remain in physical existence and fulfill all the 613 mitzvos in this physical world.

Sichos Kodesh, erev Rosh HaShanah, 5741