Although the candidate who is running is only human, he exerts his whole heart and soul to find favor in the eyes of the voters. No burden, neither material nor spiritual, is too great for him at this time. He cares not for eating or sleeping as long as he is the one chosen.

Most certainly, when it comes to the process of “choosing the Jewish nation through love” – as it was at the Giving of the Torah – a Jew should behave in a manner that finds favor in the eyes of the “Chooser.”

Moreover, under normal circumstances, the one chosen expresses kindness (or at least promises to) to those who chose him. As for G‑d, He is not merely the chooser but also the giver, and the Jews are the recipients. [Although G‑d chose the Jews and it is customary for he who has been chosen to “pay back” those who chose him,] even that which the Jewish people do to “repay” G‑d through their learning of Torah and performance of mitzvos is still something that they gain for their own personal good.

Igros Kodesh, Vol. 20, p. 243