When telling a story to young children, it is important to share the moral and lesson. When choosing a game, children should be taught to choose one that reflects the importance of giving and caring for another.

A prime example is the game of Treasure Hunt. The message there is all about searching and finding the treasure that is hidden in an undisclosed location. This idea will help the child realize the necessity of finding goodness and kindness in the world around him and in his fellow Jew. The Baal Shem Tov makes this clear by teaching that each Jew is compared to a desired land of pearls and diamonds. The treasure may be hidden, but it is there. It is just a matter of finding, recognizing and appreciating the virtues of that treasure: i.e., the virtues of another.

Choosing this game will not only please the child’s curiosity but it will intensify the child’s sensitivity and awareness of his surroundings and the many lessons he might learn from his fellow Jew.

Toras Menachem 5746, Vol. 3, p. 618