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Family Parshah

Va'etchanan Roundup
A quick family-oriented summary of the events in this week's Parshah. Kids, read it online to get a picture of all the exciting going-ons in this week's parshah. Parents, print it out to share at the Shabbat table
Parshah Song
Have fun listening and singing along with these original songs as you learn about the Parshah of the week.
Technical Support
Video | 5:15
Technical Support
Va'etchanan Parshah Report
Larry Goldstein calls the Tefillin Customer Support line, G-fish answers, and, of course, hilarity ensues.
Living with the Parshah
This week: If Debbie prayed as instructed, why didn't G-d answer her prayers?
Va'etchanan Parshah Lesson
This week: If louder voices echo longer, why didn't G-d's voice echo at all when He said the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai?
Coloring Pages
A Parshah Coloring Book, with drawings illustrating the events in each parshah, to print out and color
Va'etchanan Parshah Quiz
Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Va'etchanan
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