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Parshah Musings


Wherever we wander, and no matter which geographical location we currently call home, we know that some pieces of our past will never be left behind.
Why Humans React Irrationally to Problems
No matter how much we try to problem-solve, a permanent solution always seems to remain tantalizingly over the horizon.
The moment Pharaoh said “go,” you’d have thought they’d be out of there like a shot. What could possibly be so attractive about Egypt that some were tempted to stay there a moment longer than necessary?
How to Be a Nice Person
She didn’t have a single friend, couldn’t get along with anyone, and couldn’t maintain a relationship.
Free Food
if G‑d wanted to miraculously ensure our survival in a desert, He needn’t have invented manna. He could have reduced our dependency on food. No appetite, no hunger, no problem . . .
When life runs smoothly without complications, we tend to take things for granted and expect things to continue sailing along. Unfortunately, for most of us, it is only when the arrows of misfortune strike that we wake up...
Do you remember your bar or bat mitzva and the heady excitement of entering a new stage in life, with endless possibilities stretching before you?
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