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Matot Videos

Shazak Parsha: Matos
A taste of Shazak Parsha, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
Annulling a Vow
Video | 45:00
Annulling a Vow
Practical Parshah—Matot
It is a mitzvah to keep a vow, but it is also a mitzvah to have a vow properly annulled. How is a vow annulled?
Can You Change Your Fate?
How to Study Torah - Matot
Just before entering the Promised Land, two and a half of the Twelve Tribes ask for special permission to settle on the other side of the Jordan River. If they were meant to settle in that place, then why didn't G-d assign it to them to begin with? And if they were not meant to settle there, then why did G-d agree to their request?
Parshah Insights: Matot
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Parshah Mnemonics: Matot
Decoding the hidden messages
The parshah of Matot contains 112 verses, and the mnemonic for it are the names Buki, Yakeiv, and Eivel. Explore the coded message in this Masoretic note and its connection to the general themes of the Parshah.
Video | 42:34
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the annulment of vows
Never make promises you cannot keep, right? Rashi highlights how some vows are spiritually essential, others spiritually unhealthy.
Shazak Parsha: Kosher Laws (Matos)
Learn some kosher laws for food utensils like pots and pans, which are mentioned in the parsha. A taste of Shazak Parsha, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
Why Words Are Important
Life and death are in the hands of the tongue
Torah in Ten: Matot-Massei
What We Learn from Moses
Something Spiritual on Parshat Matot
Do we ask what G-d will do for me today or what will I do for G-d today?
What Is Midian?
Video | 20:00
What Is Midian?
Letters and Numbers of Torah—Matot
G-d tells Moses, “A thousand for each tribe, a thousand from each tribe, from all the tribes of Israel you shall send into the army [to battle the Midianites].” (Numbers 31:4) The Hebrew word for thousand is “elef,” which is spelled the same as “alef.” What is the connection between the battle against Midian, the letter alef, and the Three Weeks of mourning over the destruction of the Temple?
A Subtle Enemy
Video | 48:41
A Subtle Enemy
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on Balaam’s advice to seduce the Israelites into sin
Jews are naturally repelled by promiscuity. Discover Rashi’s insight into Bilam’s top secret plan to get the Jews to sin in the one area they were vigilant to avoid.
War and Impurity
Video | 46:12
War and Impurity
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the impurity contracted in battle
Rashi explores Talmudic sources to dissect the Torah law about how a person becomes impure if they kill someone.
Video | 35:05
Female Combatants
Learning Likutei Sichos vol. 18, Matos
No power in the world can harm us, but we have to ensure that we don't harm ourselves.
Anniversary Edition
Week In Rejew: Matot-Massei
The Itche Kadoozy show celebrates its 42nd season on the air, and Jono shows us some vintage clips from the very first season of the IKS.
Rabbi Gordon - Matot: 1st Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Matot: 2nd Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Matot: 3rd Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Matot: 4th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Matot: 5th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Matot: 6th Portion
Rabbi Gordon - Matot: 7th Portion
Matot: A Tribe, Rod or Branch?
There are two different words the Torah employs when referring to the Tribes of Israel: Shevet and Mateh; why the two expressions?
From Tragedy Into Joy
An Introduction to the Three Weeks
This class begins with a history of the three-week period of mourning for the Destruction of the Holy Temple and continues with an analysis of a prophecy of Jeremiah that hints to the future transformation of "bitterness into sweetness."
Neutralize the Enemy
Video | 55:59
Neutralize the Enemy
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the tribe of Gad fighting on the frontlines
Rashi illustrates how Moses’ strategy to send the tribes of Gad and Reuven to lead the charge in the conquest of Israel teaches how to effectively overcome your enemies.
Learning the Haftorah: 1st Shabbat of the
The weekly portion from the Prophets
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