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No Child Left Behind

1956 - 1961

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No Child Left Behind: 1956 - 1961

As a rabbinic student at 770, Rabbi Aaron Cousin joined his colleagues in working under the New York State "Released time" program, which allows Public School students to receive religious instruction.
Education, Released Time, Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Rivka Tzivia FREEMAN BROOKLYN June 14, 2019

Released time Weds afternoons I wish so much that I would have gone out to released time when I was in third grade. I was in public school and the shul was acroos the street. I attended Hebrew school at that shul on Mon Tue and Thurs afternoons. I learned how to read Hebrew. But because I didn't go to released time I didn't find out about Chabad until 21 years later when I was 29 years old. Everything is divine providence. The lesson for me is to go out and not stay in place. Reply

Brenda from Flatbush Brooklyn, NY June 25, 2009

Thanks from a Roman Catholic I have taught in our Catholic Wednesday released-time programs for many years, and this account moved and inspired me greatly. How blessed your community is to have this leader's love and wisdom! His words, recounted here, will stay with me through the challenging work of bringing young people into encounter with the Almighty. Thank you. Reply

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