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He Meant Business

circa 1968

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He Meant Business : circa 1968

Dov Zlotnik, Professor of Rabbinic Literature at the Conservative Movement’s Jewish Theological Seminary, once delivered a sermon on the importance of Family Purity. As he was to discover, for the Rebbe, a good sermon requires a great ending…
Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Yosef Mordechai Gati Queens , N. Y via June 29, 2022

It was 1985 April I decided to take my Tzedakah box to 770
As I was getting close I saw thousands of Lubavitchers in the street. I finally park my car about 3 blocks from 770. I am now walking amongst the crowd and I get the the 4 steps leading to the building when I look up and see The Rebbe facing me . He had a brown bag under his left arm and coming towards me
I now go backwards down the 4 steps and on to the sidewalk where there is a Grey Cadillac parked . The Rebbe is now looking at me again and a young Lubavitcher opens the from door for The Rebbe to get into the car
I dropped my Tzedakah box and I closed the door after The Rebbe sat down.

WOW , I could not believe what I just saw

Several years later I told a Chabad Rabbi my Story . He said , “ You did not close the door for The Rebbe “ I said , “ Yes , I closed the door for The Rebbe . The Chabad Rabbi said “ The Rebbe opened the door for you so you can learn Torah & perform Mitzvot until the arrival of Moshiach Reply

Daniel Schafler Tiverton, Rhode Island December 3, 2020

Yehu Zichro Baruch. Reply

shlomie February 2, 2012

You can see from this story, that the reason why the Rebbe told him to publish was because he knew that a mikvah will be built because of it! Reply


DOV ZLOTNICK - Family Purity The wedding he was at was ours, we celebrated it on 11 Tishrei. professor Zlotnick learned with my father Rabbi B. Baumgarten. Reply

George New York, NY February 4, 2008

Mikvah Every word from the Rebbe, every direction or instruction even decades later, continues to have ripple effects on people’s lives in very substantial ways.

The Rebbe empowered people and made them leaders each in their way. The Rebbe’s leadership is sorely missed. Reply

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