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Learning the Haftorah for the First Day of Passover

The weekly portion from the Prophets


Learning the Haftorah: 1st Day of Passover: The weekly portion from the Prophets

First Day of Passover Haftarah Companion
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Passover, Haftarah

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Mendel Dubov Sparta, NJ April 2, 2019

To Anonymous: Please see Rashi's commentary to the story, which should provide the answer to your question. Reply

Anonymous March 31, 2019

Moshe was punished for not giving a brit milan to his son because of travelling....
so why would Ralbag use that excuse for Jews not doing bris in dessert? Reply

yechiel nyc March 28, 2018

I really enjoy your shiurim. Never got into Haftorahs. Now it's been opened up for me. Keep up the good work Reply

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