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The Kabbalah of Pesach

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The Kabbalah of Pesach

Explore the deeper mystical dimension of the Passover Seder. Join Rabbi Zushe Winner for an eye-opening analysis of Matzah and the Seder-plate, uncovering their deeper significance and powerful message to make this year's Seder an exhilarating experience.
Matzah, Seder Plate, Passover

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Mia Sherwood Landau North Texas April 24, 2019

Rabbi Winner, it's Pesach 5779 and I am listening to this talk over and over. I am taking notes and praying to be a vessel, a keili, like the rounded matzah. I am certain you gave this talk just for me! Thank you for your clear, generous sharing for all of us, and may you and your family and congregation be blessed this Pesach and always! Reply

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