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Organ Donation

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Organ Donation

Rabbi Steinsaltz discusses the permissibility of organ donation. He compares live-organ donation to deceased organ donation and considers the impact of the family's opinions on the decision to harvest organs. Rabbi Steinsaltz addresses the concern of some that organ donation will negatively impact resurrection of the deceased person in the future.
Health, Illness and Healing, Medicine, Medical Ethics, Organ Transplant

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Sam Oregon January 29, 2018

If, as the Rabbi says, some of our martyrs of old were burned and therefore not more than ash when they died and still will be resurrected when Moshiach comes why is cremation not permitted today Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for January 30, 2018
in response to Sam:

The key difference is that these martyrs were burned against their will. For more on this see Why Does Jewish Law Forbid Cremation? Reply