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3D Diagrams on Rambam Kiddush haChodesh, Lesson 5

Chapter 17: The Arc of Sighting

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Kiddush haChodesh, Lesson 5: Chapter 17: The Arc of Sighting

Kiddush Hachodesh

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Yehoshua Buenos Aires, Argentina January 3, 2022

Thank you for the interesting and instructive video.

I was wondering ... since all elements are made of a composition of: earth, water, air and fire.

1) Is it correct to say that the sun is made of by the vast majority of fire? i "think" it is mainly made of fire and not totally ... otherwise how is it a luminary and not a light?

2) According to 1). What is the main component of the moon? ... if it were "earth", why does it not fall either to the sun or earth? if it were "earth", what moves it? As i understand only "celestial bodies" like stars can move in a circular motion in the atmosphere ... while here in the earth, fire moves upwards and when it reaches the atmosphere it begins its orbit in circles?

I would appreciate a response with citations if possible. Thanks, Reply

Ben NYC January 20, 2021

what program are you using? Reply

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