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One Little Apostrophe

Early 1970s

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One Little Apostrophe: Early 1970s

Dr. Velvel Greene was an original participant in NASA’s Exobiology program searching for life on Mars. The Rebbe used to ask him for regular reports on his scientific research.
Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Vicki Stone Portland June 13, 2023

That was grand. such a mind, our Rebbe had!!! Reply

Pedro Quezada March 17, 2017

i needed this this was so wonderful, I understood this at 55 degrees.
I loved it what a simple message and so well stated.

I would say "nicely stated" inside joke.

The Rebbe always wants to know, makes sense Reply

Chaim-Leib Halbert Berkeley, CA December 10, 2011

Lesson in Avodah To my poor understanding, it seems a lesson can be drawn from this about one's Divine service. A person might ask, "If Hashem is so Infinite, why does He need my mitzvos?" Hashem answers, "Vos men zogn, zol men zogn - What they say, they should say. From you, I want a mitzvah." Reply

Anonymous Milwaukee June 22, 2017
in response to Chaim-Leib Halbert:

Wonderful story. Reply

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