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Torah & Science

Exploring the interplay between faith and logic, religion and critical thinking, tradition and technology.

Torah vs. Science
Audio | 41:57
Torah vs. Science
A discussion of the apparent contradictions between Torah and science and the relationship between them.
Creation and Evolution
Audio | 1:21:08
Creation and Evolution
The Rabbi and the Scientist
The scientific view on evolution and creation and the way religious people (including those of other religions, as well) view evolution; Also a look at what proofs each side has.
When Science and Religion Collide
A compelling and informative talk on the Jewish perspective on the ethical questions of our time.
The Seven Days Of Creation
Darwin's theory of evolution from a Torah perspective
Of Monkeys and Men
The difference in the outlook of Darwin’s theory of evolution vs. a purpose driven approach of creationism; and how this affects morality today.
Science and Religion 1
Part 1
Addressing in brief the apparent incompatibility between science and religion and why Judaism has no such problem.
Science and Religion 2
Part 2
We shouldn’t be afraid of science; rather we should explore it, understand it and see the Divine within it.
Why We Believe
Audio | 1:31:41
Why We Believe
The Rabbi and the Scientist
Recently some atheists in academia have launched venomous attacks on religion and belief in G-d. Join us for an up-close examination of religious belief under the critical light of reason.
How Old is G-d?
Audio | 48:48
How Old is G-d?
Should we modify our interpretation of the Torah and faith in G-d to fit human understanding and science or should it be the reverse?
Clones - Are They Kosher?
The Rabbi and the Scientist
The astonishing ways of cloning and the Halachic views. Also, a source for cloning from thousands of years ago.
MSG in Foods - Blessing or Curse
The Rabbi and the Scientist
The history of green evolutions one and green evolutions two; what scientists think about genetic modified foods; what is allowed and what is not allowed according to Jewish law?
Kabbalah and Science
Audio | 1:03:50
Kabbalah and Science
How the development in science serves as a vehicle in enhancing our understanding of Kabbalistic concepts.
Future Trends
Audio | 1:24:50
Future Trends
Kabbalistic insights into biogenetic engineering, nanotechnology & robotics.
The Power of Networks
Jewish ideas on being connected in today’s world
We are increasingly becoming aware of how closely linked we all are. We will look at the ability of such a network to create new emergent properties that hold the potential to bring about a sudden global revolution.
Prophecy or Pentium
Audio | 59:30
Prophecy or Pentium
Is there a connection between the prophecies found in the Torah and the explosion of scientific knowledge and technology? What does all the advancement in technology mean for the future of Judaism?
Is There Life on Other Planets?
From inner space to outer space
Gain insight into Torah perspectives on life beyond Earth, the ramifications of unimaginable technological advances, and life in the unexplored depths of ourselves, as seen in the works of the great Jewish thinkers from Maimonides to the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
The Nature of the Human Soul
Practical consequences of what it means to be human
We are not our bodies, nor even our brains. We are our souls. Drawing on years of experience working with families, the elderly and the mentally impaired, as well as his knowledge of Jewish mystical teachings, Rabbi Lipskar argues that we must stop thinking of people in terms of their perceived bodily or mental capacities.
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