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Prophecy & Providence

How does one become a prophet? What is it like to experience prophecy? Does prophecy exist today?

Audio | 47:40
Moses – the prophet of all prophets
Why do we believe in the Torah – the Mosaic tradition and accept the words of our prophets as the word of G-d.
Positive Prophecy
Audio | 4:31
Positive Prophecy
Being a positive prophet, remaining optimistic in the wake of disaster.
Prophecy and Providence
Surveying the Torah’s prophecies of destruction and the subsequent exiles, we can see how they have been fulfilled so accurately throughout our history and as such look forward to its promises for the future.
Nothing Just Happens
Torah trains our mind to see the hand of G-d in all natural events and happenings. Similarly, every life and creation has a purpose; hence every event in the world is part of the fulfillment of this purpose. Take a deeper look at divine providence.
Divine Providence, It's Bashert
Divine Providence refers to the way in which every entity and action in this world is guided to its ultimate purpose by G-d's wisdom and choice. The Baal Shem Tov's teachings enrich our understanding of these Divine patterns of causation and destiny.
Who’s Running the Show?
Are the events of our lives the result of random chaos or are things running according to plan?
Prophecies, Resurrection and Modern Miracles
From Ezekiel’s vision of the "dry bones" to the bond between generations and the phenomenon of supernatural events – past, present and future
Do You Believe in Angels?
This lecture will go beyond the abstract concept of the Holy Hosts, beckoning us to recognize the presence of angels in our own lives. A most inspirational and uplifting exercise.
Nevuah – Prophecy
Audio | 38:54
Nevuah – Prophecy
This class teaches in great detail the fundamental belief in prophecy and why it’s so central to the entirety of our faith.
Malochim – Angels
Audio | 51:23
Malochim – Angels
In-depth Chassidic teachings on the spiritual make-up and function of angels.
The Miraculous & the Supernatural
We are all familiar with the open miracles in our tradition like the splitting of the Red Sea; are they mere legend, superstition and voodoo or a deeper dimension of reality?
Nissim: Miracles
Audio | 31:17
Nissim: Miracles
What is the inner meaning of miracles and why are they less common today than in time past?