Chumash Classes: Beshalach, Part 8

The heavenly food "Mann"

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Chumash Classes: Beshalach, Part 8: The heavenly food "Mann"

Chp. 16 verses 15 - 26: The people ask what the heavenly food is and Moshe tells them it is Mann. He tells them to go out each day and collect an omer for each person in their tent. Whether they gathered a little or a lot the amount was the same; an omer for each person. He told them not to leave any over for the next day for it would become wormy and stink. On the six day they collected the same amount and when they brought it into their tents they saw that it was a double amount. Moshe then instructed them about Shabbos and that the Mann would be twice the amount so that they would not have to go out to collect any on Shabbos; that Mann would not stink or turn to maggots.
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