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Chumash Classes: Beshalach, Part 2

Pharaoh persues after the Jewish people

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Chumash Classes: Beshalach, Part 2: Pharaoh persues after the Jewish people

Chp. 13 verses 21 & 22 Chp. 14 verses 1 -10: Why the Jews needed to travel both day and night. Chp. 14 begins with Hashem telling Moshe to have the people turn back to Red sea. Hashem tells them that He would harden the heart of Pharaoh and that he would pursue them to the sea. And as Hashem had told them Pharaoh brought his whole army with 600 chosen chariots to pursue the Jews. When Pharaoh came and the Jews saw the Egyptians marching after them they were very frightened and they cried out to Hashem.
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