Personal Growth

Personal Growth is a necessity, and something we all aspire to achieve. Looking for self-improvement? Feeling down? Or just in need for some inspiration?

Parsha & the Weekly Story
A brief parsha message illustrated with a powerful story.
Beginning Within
Developing an intentional perspective of ourselves, others and G-d
Life is a Journey
Audio | 1:30:35
Life is a Journey
Divine Providence in Our Lives
The journey of each individual as well as our collective journey as a people are described as part of a greater, G-dly plan.
The Courage to Change
Audio | 1:10:45
The Courage to Change
A Jewish Perspective on the Serenity Prayer
“G-d, please grant me the serenity to accept that which cannot be changed; the courage to change that which can be changed; and the wisdom to know the difference.”
The Power of Hope
Audio | 1:24:50
The Power of Hope
A Response for Our Times
In light of recent worrisome events in the world, Rabbi Bryski offers a classic Jewish formula for optimism in the face of adversity.
History vs. Memory
Audio | 1:05:26
History vs. Memory
How We View Our Collective Past as Jews
A compelling argument for the case that Jewish education must portray our ancestors not as individuals who once lived, but as people who are alive today.
Mastering Time
Audio | 1:11:39
Mastering Time
A close look at the very first Biblical Commandment to the Jewish People – Be A Master of Your Time. In an era where technology allows us to accomplish in minutes what used to take days, one needs to ask “where has all the free time gone”?
Who’s Minding the Spirit?
No matter how accomplished, happy, wealthy or talented you may be, at some point you’ll find yourself seeking a deeper meaning in life. You have read the works of every kind of philosopher, psychologist and spiritualist imaginable. It is time you look within – within your hearts, your souls, your heritage – and unleash the spirit within you.
The Hero In You
Audio | 1:06:09
The Hero In You
The definition of greatness and heroism by Judaism is quite different than the way society today looks at them. What makes a hero? Who are your and your children’s heroes? Most importantly, how can you rise from a life of mediocrity and find that hero within?
The Joy (and Oy) of Being a Jew
The Jew has this unique ability to cry and laugh at the very same time. This lecture will glance at the past, present and future of our people – the lows and the highs, the crying and the laughter, and the “oy veys” and the joys.
Living vs. Existing
Audio | 34:28
Living vs. Existing
In difficult times, the Jewish response is to choose ‘life’ over ‘existence’.
Back to Her People
Audio | 1:56:12
Back to Her People
A remarkable Jewish odyssey
Tonica Marlow, a female Evangelical minister, embarks on an incredible journey to rediscover her Jewish heritage. This riveting story of the Jewish spirit resonates deep within the soul.
How to do the Impossible
They say that if you have achieved all that you planned for yourself, you have not planned enough. Judaism is all about going beyond the ordinary.
Looking Out For Number One
A frank and healthy approach to one of life's most perplexing problems: the ego. Most emotional problems are due to an inflexible ego. Chassidut suggests that we accept our own insignificance in a painless and healthy way: by making G-d number one
Be G-d's Partner
Audio | 4:29
Be G-d's Partner
We are G-d’s partners in creation, and G-d gives us our share of the profit.
The Dynamics of Leadership
Rabbi Schapiro discusses the importance of everyone being a leader in furthering Judaism (addressing a group of Jewish lay leaders at the Chabad Emissaries Conference 2010).
Extreme Make Over
Audio | 1:38:08
Extreme Make Over
Your capacity to enhance your health through spiritual training is greater than you think. Learn how in this class.
Jewish Meditation
Audio | 41:40
Jewish Meditation
Engaging the heart to enhance the Soul
Discover the transformative nature of Jewish meditation. Change the way you view ritual worship. Torah study and Mitzvah observance will never be dull again.
See The Invisible
Audio | 1:06:26
See The Invisible
Seeing the hidden goodness in every person; seeing the potential of mankind, and seeing the un-tapped reserve of wealth hidden in nature, together these visions make the impossible available, together they represent a messianic world.
Saddness, Bitterness and Joy
Intelligence may be a unique gift. But what makes it truly precious, is its affect on the heart.
Hitting Bottom, Finding G‑d
A Jewish Perspective on Addiction and Recovery
A general introduction to the spiritual nature of the problem of addiction and its treatment.
The Story of Teshuvah
Torah brings peace to the world. More than a guide for social justice and personal morality, Torah brings harmony to nature itself making good and evil, light and darkness, serve a greater good - G-d's vast eternal plan.
To Serve or Not to Serve
This informative and revealing talk discusses the virtue of struggling with the unG-dly nature which gives us an understanding of how the baal teshuva is greater than the tzaddik. The discussion touches on the heroic nature of the Holocaust martyrs. In our struggle to serve, the guidance of a Rebbe is indispensable.
Know Thyself
Audio | 1:02:52
Know Thyself
Is there a virtue to know yourself?
G-d wants goodness that doesn't come from heaven. The virtue of knowing ourselves is to know whether we are growing or not. Knowing how we think, feel and do.
Matzah: The Food of Faith
Faith does not direct one's behavior even while it inspires one to great heights; proper behavior without faith is lacking as well. Matzah teaches us how to combine faith with everyday life.
Self Improvement - Part 1
Audio | 51:02
Self Improvement
Part 1 of 3
Much of our personality and character-traits are pre-determined. A three part series on the kabbalistic look at self improvement, a quality unique to the human being. And practical suggestions for our daily lives.
Self Improvement - Part 2
Audio | 48:55
Self Improvement
Part 2 of 3
Much of our personality and character-traits are pre-determined. A three part series on the kabbalistic look at self improvement, a quality unique to the human being. And practical suggestions for our daily lives.
Self Improvement - Part 3
Audio | 63:20
Self Improvement
Part 3 of 3
Much of our personality and character-traits are pre-determined. A three part series on the kabbalistic look at self improvement, a quality unique to the human being. And practical suggestions for our daily lives.
How to Love a Fellow Jew
The commonality of Jewish souls
Love can be so elusive, yet we are expected to love our fellow Jew. What does it mean? How is it done?
To be Happy Is to be Human
Keeping a positive attitude, based on chapter 26 of the Tanya.
The Morning after Sinai
Understanding the Sin of the Golden Calf
After the Sinai experience the Jews made the Golden Calf. How is this possible? Here-in lies a powerful lesson in internalizing and applying inspiration.
What can Kabbalah do for me?
Introduction to Kabbalah
What is Kabballah and how is it relevant? Explore how the Kabbalistic approach can enhance every aspect of our lives while introducing us to new life-dimensions.
Joy – A Pillar of Everything G-dly
Joy is not a Mitzvah, but it is a foundation for all Mitzvot. Discover the whats, the whys and even some hows of this important principle.
Think Good and it will be Good
A compelling talk on the enormous power in positive thinking and its impact on ourselves and the environment around us.
Living on the Edge
Audio | 40:33
Living on the Edge
Life throws at us many twists and turns which literally place us at the very brink of a given situation. What is the purpose of being on the very edge?
Individualism vs. Conformism
Audio | 50:29
Individualism vs. Conformism
Thanks to technology you can broadcast a blog-message or Youtube video around the world in a flash. Does Judaism celebrate the empowerment of the individual, or does it prefer people to conform to the structures and strictures of organized religion?
You’ve Gotta Be Meshugah!
Jewish mysticism teaches the exceptional virtue of positive madness which transcends logic. Discover how to unlock this dimension of madness.
Prayer - the service of the heart – is an essential way to express one’s love of G-d. Discover the origin of the prayers, their structure, significance and deeper meaning.
Emotional Sobriety
Audio | 1:06:36
Emotional Sobriety
Spiritual Tools for Dealing with Dysfunction
An honest look at why and how we get pulled into dysfunctional relationships, and some practical insights for rising above the chaos.
Repentance in the Spirit of Joy
The High Holidays and Teshuvah
How to properly experience the High Holiday season when your heart and head are burdened with challenges, worries, and frustrations from day to day anxieties.
Getting Unstuck
Audio | 1:05:46
Getting Unstuck
A spiritual guide to your personal exodus
The Jewish people’s redemption from Egypt as a model for getting “unstuck” from seemingly impossible situations in one’s own life.
Darkness into Light
Audio | 47:21
Darkness into Light
Finding meaning in life’s challenges
How Torah teaches us to maintain our faith, and to not only endure difficult times but transform them.
A Jewish Response to Suffering
Why does G‑d test us?
Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski tackles the big questions of why G‑d allows suffering, and how to best handle the challenges of loss and grief.
Getting Over Resentment
Learning how to heal from emotional pain from the past is not just about feeling better. It’s about removing the one thing that most blocks us from living our true lives.
Inner Strength
Audio | 33:36
Inner Strength
Courage and faith for life’s challenges
Deep down, every Jew possesses the spiritual strength to overcome the trials and tribulations of life. But how do we access this ability?
The Path to Lasting Happiness
How to Know You're Headed in the Right Direction
Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb shares the story of her personal spiritual journey and speaks about how we can know when we've found what we're really looking for.
Anxiety Relief
Audio | 46:12
Anxiety Relief
Tools for Managing the Stress in Our Life
We all deal with stress in our lives; how do we manage it so that it doesn’t overwhelm us. Learn three practical stages for putting the anxiety in our life into perspective, which may alleviate (if not illuminate) its effect.
Finding Meaning in Our Everyday Lives
An Inspirational Talk
Insights and inspiration on how to find deeper meaning in our everyday existence.
Spiritual Development
Improve Your Spiritual Appearance
A six part series on how to improve your spiritual appearance by infusing your life with greater joy, faith and inspiration.
Mindfulness and Jewish Meditation
A Practical Workshop
Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb discusses her background as a meditator, and how she sought an authentic contemplative tradition within Judaism. The session concludes with a practice meditation.
Transforming Anger
Audio | 29:44
Transforming Anger
How to Turn Hurt into Happiness
We may be entitled to our anger, but do we really want it? Practical advice for getting out of the resentment rut.
How to
Jewish Time Management
The first mitzvah given to the Jewish people was to sanctify time. Torah teaches us how to cherish time and make the best possible use of it, by being a “co-creator” who “makes” time for what is important.
Mastering Emotional Intelligence
Being in control of your feelings
Do you sometimes feel overcome with negative emotions when things aren’t right? Discover the Torah’s approach on how to control emotions and react responsibly with emotional maturity, instead of responding from emotional instinct.
Jewish Emotions
Audio | 29:50
Jewish Emotions
Managing emotions and character development
Reach greater spiritual heights through pursuing these core Jewish values, ideals and characteristics.
A Peaceful Spirit in a Maddening World
A Practical Guide
How do we learn to cultivate a "peaceful spirit" so that we may remain tranquil in the face of stress? A practical look at the great spiritual virtue of being calm.
The Art of Happiness
Audio | 1:02:49
The Art of Happiness
The Power of Optimism
Joy, optimism and faith are integral to overcoming challenges in life. Discover how our perspectives actually create and shape our realities.
Chassidic Guided Imagery
Selected meditations based on Torah texts accompanied by Chassidic melodies that will help your mind travel to places of increased spiritual consciousness and awareness.
Finding Yourself, Finding G-d
The Quest for Perfection
Radically transform the way you look at yourself and the world around you. Join Rabbi Shais Taub as he presents a Jewish mystical six-step program toward discovering self and purpose, and managing challenges and addictions. (Recorded at Chabad Intown in Atlanta, GA)
Faith in Times of Crisis
Drawing on personal experience in facing grave illness, David Kaufmann shares Torah ideas on challenges to our faith.
Three Models for Living
A Torah Formula for Happiness
A three-part series explains how the first three weekly portions of the Torah can be understood as three models for living.
Understanding Trust in G-d
Analyzing the true meaning of ‘Bitachon’, placing one’s trust in G-d, which goes beyond having faith in G-d. The analysis begins with a closer look at the biblical narratives wherein Moses and Jacob seem to display a lack of complete trust in the Al-mighty. (Based on a talk of the Rebbe in Likkutei Sichos vol.36 p.1)
Tackling the Tough Times
The very dark moments in life and history
There are some tragedies for which there are no answers. What should our perspective be when faced with such horrific suffering?
Just Be Happy and Positive!
How your thoughts create reality
Practical ideas on how we can change our perspective to create more happiness within our daily lives.
Does It Matter What I Think?
Morality in Action, Speech and Thought
Are we morally responsible for our thoughts? Is it just as important to think good things as it is to do and say good things?
Jewish Realism
Audio | 1:08:55
Jewish Realism
How to Transform Calamity into Triumph
Do you have to be a pessimist to be a realist? Are happy people just in denial? Judaism teaches us how to face our pain and turn it into joy (filmed at Chabad of Santa Fe, NM).
How to Have a Good Great Day!
What you need to make a part of your daily schedule in order to control your day rather than have it control you.
The Power of Good Intentions
What is the effect of our thought on our action in performing a mitzvah? Rabbi Eli Silberstein explains this with a puzzling Talmudic passage that states that G-d joins a positive thought to an action.
The Power of Faith, Humor & Joy
Mrs. Devorie Kreiman shares her personal journey of discovering strength and joy in the face of overwhelming tragedy, pain and challenge. Her message of courage and faith amid extraordinary loss inspires us to overcome the challenges in our lives.
Sharing Light from the Silver Lining
A story of heartbreak and hardship, hope and inspiration.
Dina Hurwitz is a proud mother of seven children, whose life was turned upside down when, in 2013, her husband, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, was diagnosed with ALS. Amid the battle of her husband’s terrible illness and raising her family, Dina courageously inspires through sharing her honest reflections of faith and hope during the most trying of times. Dina’s powerful message of devotion, tenacity and gratitude will impact you like never before as she makes you laugh and cry all in one breadth.
How to Do Teshuvah
Audio | 54:53
How to Do Teshuvah
Learn refreshing perspectives and practical ways to do teshuvah (repentance) to attain atonement and forgiveness.
Serenity Through Trust
Why We Find It So Difficult to Be Happy
How a shift in mindset helps us beat the blues and remain happy, even in tough times.
How to Get Over Yourself
What makes a narcissist? Explore how arrogance and ego is the bane of life and the source of all our conflict, and uncover the formula to reach beyond self.
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