Parsha & the Weekly Story

A brief parsha message illustrated with a powerful story.

Weekly Story for Yitro: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth
Where in the world is Mount Sinai? Why don’t we go there to visit and pray? There is a powerful message here: The Torah was given to the Jewish people so we take it with us wherever we go. Every place, every moment, and every encounter is an opportunity for us to bring heaven down to earth and recreate the divine revelation that occurred at Mt. Sinai. This week’s story is about an experience just like that when a young man sparked a tremendous light as he rekindled the souls of so many aboard a Delta flight.
Weekly Story for Beshalach: Just Jump!
While others waited at the shore of the Reid Sea, Nachshon walked into the sea and only after this fearless act did the waters split. We too when face with challenges have a choice: we can wait for the dry land before we are prepared to move forward, or we can muster up the courage and leap in, braving the waters so that the dry land miraculously appears. Be like Nachshon. Take the leap and watch the miracles appear. Just like the simple Jew in this week's story who literally did the same.
Weekly Story for Bo: Go Out of Your Comfort Zone
Before the promised day of freedom, the Jews were instructed to take a sheep, tie it to their bed and live with it for four days and then slaughter it. What’s the point? The Egyptians used to worship the sheep. By bringing the sheep into their home, the Jews were removing themselves from the paganism that was holding them back. What is your sheep that is stopping you from being free? It’s now time to slaughter it and then you will see the miraculous happen. This week's story is about a man who had to push really hard to break free, but then ultimately experienced a true redemption
Weekly Story for Va’eira: Can You Do It When It’s Tough?
Often we feel like we simply cannot fulfill our missions in life. Then, we are reminded that we are not responsible for what we do not have. All we need to do is utilize the strengths within ourselves and leverage what we do have to do our part and G-d will take care of the rest. This is the message that G-d gives Moses in this week’s portion, and this is a powerful lesson that we learn from this incredible story that takes us from Bangkok to Taiwan!
Weekly Story for Shemot: Why So Many Kids
Many people question why Judaism places such an emphasis on bringing souls down into this world. The name of this week’s Torah portion “Shemot” reminds us that even as Jacob‘s descendants began to multiply and grow, each one had their own individual name. Every single soul is special and has a unique role to fulfill in this world. This week‘s remarkable story is about a message that was given ten years before it was actually needed. A stark reminder how every soul is needed.
Weekly Story for Vayechi: Follow Him to Where He Takes You
Sometimes we feel like we have lost control on the road of life and we don’t know where we are heading. Here’s a reminder that Joseph told his brothers: don’t worry, Hashem is in charge - just follow him to where he takes you. This week’s story is an emotional one about a broken bottle that brought a Jew home, because Hashem showed him the way.
Weekly Story for Vayigash: Chutzpah Wanted!
There’s no denying that too often anti-Semitism rears its ugly head with many Jews feeling intimidated and responding by trying to stay low key. But the very first word in this week’s parsha “Vayigash” reminds us that we respond to intimidation by standing taller, louder and prouder. Enjoy this week’s story about a proud Jew who wasn’t intimidated by the non-Jews around him, even when it came to the high stakes of hundreds of millions of dollars.
Weekly Story for Chanukah: The Oil That Never Runs Out
Why the oil? What about the miracle of the battle… Is the essence of Chanukah really all about the oil and light? This week’s story takes us to a dark night in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, as a soul is ignited and the pure oil pours forth!
Weekly Story for Chanukah: Be a Lamplighter
When you share your own flame to light another candle, not only have you created more light, but your own flame is not diminished at all. The message of Chanukah is for each one of us to be a lamplighter! If you know Alef, share Alef. This week’s story takes us from Brooklyn, New York to Majorca Spain as a businessman learns about the power of turning on the souls of his fellow Jews.
Weekly Story for Chayei Sarah: All for One Jew and One Mitzvah
In honor of the annual gathering of Shluchim we present this tremendous story that highlights how it is not just about the global impact, rather it’s about that one moment, doing one Mitzvah, with one single Jew! In a talk at the Gathering of Shluchim in 1992, the Rebbe highlighted that the reason why the Torah speaks at great length of the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca is because it represents the pivotal union of G-dliness and materialism, which is the ultimate purpose of creation—merging body and soul, and making a dwelling place for G-d down here in this world.
Weekly Story for Vayeira: Don’t Look Back
When Lot and his family escaped Sodom, the instruction was not to look back. Lot’s wife did and she turned into a pillar of salt. The message for us is clear: Holding on to anger and resentment just makes us bitter and salty. Forgiving others cleanses our mind and soul and releases us to go on. This week’s story takes us back to the 11th century, where we discover an incredibly brilliant way to transform our hurt into blessings.
Weekly Story for Lech-Lecha: Beyond the Bio
When the Torah introduces us to a new person, it usually starts with the background. However, with Avraham we get no bio, no background. Just right off the start: Lech Lecha. This teaches us what makes a Jew a Jew. Not his learning; not his observance; not his achievements. What makes a Jew Jewish is the fact that G-d told Abraham, “Go to yourself, from your land…” It is the fact that G-d chose his/her soul to be in a unique covenant and relationship with Him. This week’s story reminds us of this idea that a Jew is a Jew is a Jew.
Weekly Story for Noach: Watch Out Before You Judge!
We often judge others based on what we see. The verse tells us that “G-d descended to see the tower”, to teach us not to judge someone until you “go down” to them. Every person you meet is facing an inner battle. Recognize that their struggle may be different than yours and they may actually be on a higher level than you. An inspiring story about a sincere Jew in Antwerp who faced a struggle that revealed how great he really is.
Weekly Story for Bereishit: Why Are We Here?
Why are we here and for what was the world created? The answer can be found in the first word Bereishit! The world is here for the Jewish people and for the Torah. This paradigm helps us recognize that the reason why we possess all that we do, is simply to utilize it to reveal G-dliness into this world. When a simple Jew in Israel discovered that his entire livelihood was stolen overnight, he learned a powerful lesson about why he even owned his commercial van in the first place!
Weekly Story for Sukkot: Gotta Keep Living!
Sometimes we find it hard to rejoice. Life can be tough and there is darkness all around us. Then, the One Above sends us a message with the Lulov shake. As thousands of Chabadniks are sharing the lulov with Jews on street corners, we bring you this true heart-wrenching story from one of those encounters.
Weekly Story for Haazinu: Keep Singing Your Song
The song of Haazinu was sung by Moses on the very last day of his life. While the first two sections are filled with blessings and positivity, the song continues with negative predictions and the challenges of Jewish history. Our Sages tell us that it was sung in the Holy Temple on Shabbat. Why a song of sadness? The lesson is so powerful and relevant: no matter what life brings us, we must remember that we are in the middle of a song. If we keep singing, we will discover the music within. This week’s story is introduced with a fascinating moment that Elie Wiesel experienced in the Rebbe‘s room, followed by the moving story of a song that the Jews kept on singing – Ani Maamin.
Weekly Story for Yom Kippur: The Power to Heal
As we approach Yom Kippur we need to let go of our baggage, those grudges we hold onto. Sometimes we feel like it’s too hard, the pain is too deep… But this year we are given a gift, a special tool called Hakhel, the year of Jewish unity. So when you step up and make that call, you’re not doing it alone: millions of Jews are holding that phone with you because of the power and energy of Hakhel. This week’s story is an incredible true story about how the power of unity was able to heal a rift that was running so deep.
Weekly Story for the High Holidays: Getting High During Prayer
Many people struggle with the long services during the High Holidays. We can reframe the experience to make it uplifting and even meaningful! Although our body may be having a hard time, the Neshamah - the G-dly spirit inside us - finds tremendous joy in connecting to G-d in the most intimate way during prayers—for the soul, it’s total ecstasy. This week’s story highlights the transformative power of a real prayer from our heart.
Weekly Story for Ki Tavo: Who is in the Driver Seat?
“Ki Tavo”, when you arrive at the place where Hashems wants you to be. Just follow Him to where He takes you. The moment we lessen the grip on the steering wheel and let Him take the lead, it all works out. This explains a fascinating phrase in this week’s portion, where Hashem says “The blessings will reach you / overtake you (והשיגך)… just let them pour over and surprise you. Listen to this incredible story that took place in the backseat of a taxi in the holy city of Jerusalem!
Weekly Story for Ki-Tavo: The Best Gift
So often we want to connect to G-d and to thank Him for our many blessings, but we feel like we’re not good enough. The Mitzvah of Bikkirim, the first fruit, reminds us that it’s not about being the best—it’s about bringing the finest of ourselves. Enjoy this remarkable story about Joseph, a simple Jew who brought G-d tremendous joy by doing something absolutely crazy.
Weekly Story for Elul: The King Is in the Field
There is something special in the air. What is bringing such special energy during this time? This week’s story highlights the incredible power of what happens when the king is in the field.
Weekly Story for Ki-Teitzei: Overcoming a Grudge
In this week’s Torah portion is the commandment to maintain honest weights. Not only is one not allowed to deceive a customer by using inaccurate weights, one is not allowed to even keep them in his possession. The lesson is clear: besides not acting negatively towards another, we should not even possess feelings of negativity or grudges towards our fellow. This week’s story has an incredible twist when a young woman who suffered so much because of another, and then after she finally lets go, something amazing happens.
Weekly Story for Shoftim: Jews By Nature Are Beyond Nature
Mikhail Gorbachev was a Russian politician who served as the last leader of the former Soviet Union. There is an incredible story involving Gorbachev, which serves as a powerful reminder to us all that "Jews by nature are beyond nature". When we tap into this higher level of reality, it allows us to rise above the hardships that the natural world seems to put before us. We as Jews are stronger, bigger and greater than the forces of nature, which is why we are still here as a nation. By fulfilling the Mitzvah of trusting our prophets, we are confirming our belief in Hashem's higher power.
Weekly Story for Re’eh: Let Go and Let G-d!
Did you know that while adults smile on average 20 times a day, children average 300 smiles a day! What is it about children that makes them so happy? And what is it about us adults that we tend to be filled with worry, concern and anxiety? A solution can be found in this week’s Torah portion. Enjoy this week’s story with a fascinated twist at the end that highlights this idea that if we are willing to let go and let G-d, we will lead a much happier, calmer life.
Weekly Story for VaEtchana: Whose Fault Is This?
Though we truly believe in the one and only G-d, yet when life throws us a curve ball and things aren’t working out the way we were hoping, we tend to blame random circumstances. Everything that happens in our lives come from Hashem, and we need to constantly remind ourselves of this faith that is deeply engraved within us. This week’s story is a tale of two cows and a stark reminder that if we find ourselves in an unexpected place, it’s only because that is truly what’s meant to happen.
Weekly Story for VaEtchanan: The Art of Listening
The sacred words of the Shema have been recited throughout the ages and in the darkest of times of Jewish history. Shema means to listen. Sadly, in today’s day and age we have lost the art of listening. This week’s message highlights the importance of really listening to those around us and most importantly to the voice deep within ourselves. The story is about the secret that was found in the worn out rags of an inmate who was sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz.
Weekly Story for Tisha b'Av: Do You Love Me?
What would you do if you are celebrating with friends, and the man who opposes you in your greatest life battles turns up at the party? This was the story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza, but it is also a real story that happened here in the United States in 1975. Enjoy this week‘s powerful story, which drives home the point how significant it is for each one of us to love every single Jew, no matter how may he or she appears to be…
Weekly Story for Devarim: Owning Your Judaism
We now enter the fifth book of the Torah named Devarim—meaning Words. This is a very significant phase in the life of Moses, when he is not only transmitting the words of G-d, but actually internalizes it and “owns” them. This week's story is about a young girl named Stacey who lives far away in the Aleutian Islands and she came to learn how she literally owns the world and it’s on her to light it up.
Weekly Story for Massei: Going Down to Go Up
When we recount the journeys of the Jewish people in the desert we include the difficult times and the low points as well. This serves as a powerful reminder that even the challenges and setbacks are meant to serve as a springboard for further growth onwards and upwards. This week’s story is about a group of young men who thought they failed big time, but ultimately achieved something tremendous.
Weekly Story for Massei: The Antidote for These Days
This week we find something incredible: the actual date of this Shabbat is mentioned in the Torah portion! And it refers to the passing of Aaron the High Priest. There is a profound message here for us and this is the antidote and cure for the time of mourning that we are entering. This week’s story is about a Jew so alone and so far away in a small island called Curaçao.
Weekly Story for Pinchas: Step up to the Plate!
See something, do something. This week‘s hero Pinchas teaches us that if you encounter something that needs to be fixed, step up to the plate and do it. This remarkable true story highlights the power of two individuals responding when something came their away and ultimately saved each other’s lives.
Weekly Story for Pinchas: The Centrality of Consistency
What do you think is the most significant verse in the entire Torah? You will be really surprised to hear the answer. This week we have a powerful relevant lesson and a great story of the incredible philanthropist Baruch from Minsk!
Weekly Story for Balak: Listen to the Sign!
We are constantly inundated with alerts, notifications and calls. But we need to be sure not to miss the most important call of all... Listening closely to the signs of life that direct us where to go.
Weekly Story for Chukat: Don’t Forget to Say Thank You Hashem
What are the two most important words we need to say every day? The Song of the Well reminds us how vital it is to recognize the blessings we have during every moment of our day. Open up your hearts for this week‘s incredible story which takes you on a journey of triumph and struggle, with an amazing twist at the end.
Weekly Story for Chukat: Sensitivity & Perception
The story of Moses hitting the rock is one of the most puzzling passages in the Torah. We learn a powerful lesson from the interpretation of Nachmanides, which reminds us of the importance of being conscious of how our actions and words may be perceived. This week’s story is about Shimon, whose deformed appearance led to a fascinating insight into the importance of sensitivity.
Weekly Story for Korach: Seeing the Jew in the Jew
This week we learn about how Korach led a rebellion against Moses. Incredibly, not only did Moses not respond with hate—he even reached out with love. We need to see the good within everyone. We must uncover the G-dly soul that is the truest essence of every Jew. This is what the Rebbe taught and exemplified—and expects of us too. Listen to a remarkable story of a lost Jewish soul on the beaches of India, who was reached by the Rebbe’s love and care.
Weekly Story for Shelach: What’s Your Agenda?
We make so many different decisions each day. What can we do to help ensure that the choices we make are the right ones? There is a powerful lesson in this week’s Torah portion, which reminds us that if we have our own agenda, we will ultimately fail. However, if we follow where G-d wants us to go, all works out best at the end. This week’s heartwarming story reveals the secret behind one of the finest Matzah flour in the world today!
Weekly Story for Behaalotecha: The Real GPS
As we travel this summer, often we encounter bumps along the way. This week’s Torah portion reminds us that wherever we go, we are following the G-d Positioning System! We have a mandate to light up each place and person we encounter. This week’s story from a small hamlet in the countryside of northern England, will light up your week.
Weekly Story for Naso: Give a Blessing!
Why is it that whenever two Jews meet, we always give each other a blessing? In this week’s Torah portion, we discover the power that we have to draw down tremendous resources through our blessings to each other. Wow, what an incredible story about the power of a simple L’Chaim from one to another!
Weekly Story for Naso: You Matter!
Why does the Torah list individually each and every gift from the 12 tribes if they are exactly identical? There is a powerful message here how YOU mater. No two people are alike because we each have our own individual mission. This week's story happened with a fellow Chabad on Campus rabbi and rebbetzin who helped a young woman recognize the specific purpose she has in her own life that makes it worth living for.
Weekly Story for Shavuot: Your Celebration
Shavuot is our wedding, our union with G-d. We don’t celebrate because we are participating in the joy of our brother or friend who may have studied Torah, rather it is our own personal Simcha and joy, because the Torah belongs to me as much as to Moses himself. This week’s story is about a 94 year old man who discovered this truth in a most profound way.
Weekly Story for Bechukotai: Unconditional Love
When trying to bring Jews closer, ourselves and others, what works best is not necessarily logic and explanations, but rather true unconditional love that awakens the latent deep connection they already have. This week’s story about a rabbi sitting on the floor on a holy Shabbat night truly brings this point home.
Weekly Story for Behar: To Truly Trust in G-d
Can you imagine going to sleep at night with nothing in your home or in your possession, yet sleeping soundly because you trust in Hashem? This is the mandate of the Mitzvah of Shemitah, to truly trust in Hashem that He will provide. This week’s dramatic true story from the streets of New York City highlights this idea in a remarkable way.
Weekly Story for Emor: Sensitivity to Our Nearest and Dearest
It's easier to be kinder to strangers than to those nearest and dearest to us. This week’s theme reminds us of how delicate we need to be with the precious children with whom Hashem entrusted us with. This incredibly moving story from the Rebbe gives us a glimpse into what true sensitivity really means and how to bring out the best within every person we encounter.
Weekly Story for Kedoshim: When Connected Above
How do we keep going when it gets really difficult? This week’s Torah portion reminds us that when we are connected above, we do not fall down below. Jews, by nature, are beyond nature, and G-d can override any outcome that may seem so difficult and challenging. This week’s story is an incredible, beyond natural experience, which reminds us that we have access to powers that are beyond what the world may seem to dictate.
Weekly Story for the Rebbe’s Birthday: Seeing a Higher Reality
The message of the Rebbe’s birthday is a reminder to align our vision with that which the Rebbe has gifted us with. The ability to rise above what the world may seem to be and infuse it with a higher reality. This week’s story takes us to a small town in Texas where this message really hits home.
Weekly Story for Vayikra: Got Salt?
What is it about salt that the Torah seems to be so obsessed with? What is the salt in our own lives and why is it so important? Find out how to ensure that our lives are sprinkled with enough salt and enjoy the uplifting story about Hirshel the joker!
Weekly Story for Shekalim: The Half Shekel Mystery
Out of the 613 Mitzvot, there were only five times when G-d had to show Moses a physical example of the commandment. What can we learn from the fiery coin that Hashem showed Moshe? Too often we judge the people around us based on how they appear. This week’s engaging story is a poignant reminder to never judge another.
Weekly Story for Ki Tisa: Never Too Far Gone
We all make mistakes, but usually we recover and we move on. But sometimes, our mistakes have devastating consequences; the damage can seem irreversible. This week’s Torah portion is about one of those mistakes. The sin of the golden calf was so catastrophic that we are atoning for it to this day. Yet ironically, the name of this parsha Ki Tisa, suggests anything but an epic downfall. Ki Tisa literally means “when you will lift up". The message is clear: no matter how low we may have fallen, we can harness this great descent to reach higher with an even greater ascent. This week's story is about a Jew who seemed too far-gone, but something amazing happens that turns it all around.
Weekly Story for Tetzaveh: A Squeezed Jew
When you squeeze an olive, you get olive juice. When you squeeze a Jew, you get Jewce… So often we find that when we are in a difficult spot, our soul emerges. This week's story is connected to this theme, along with the upcoming holiday of Purim Katan. It’s a stark reminder that there is so much depth deep within that just needs to be revealed with a little bit of squeezing.
Weekly Story for Terumah: Your Inner Temple
If you think about your day, does it seem like it is primarily materialistic and mundane? Truthfully though we have the mandate to transform every aspect of our daily lives into something spiritual and G-dly. This is what the Temple is really all about. The spiritual dynamics of the Temple are also present within our own hearts. In our core lies the potential to build a Tabernacle for G-d, where His presence is manifest in every aspect of our lives.
Weekly Story for Mishpatim: You Never Know the Impact
Every Jew knows that a Jew doesn’t eat a cheeseburger…but why? What’s the big deal about a drop of milk on my burger? Kabbala explains that milk and meat represents kindness and severity. We must always remember that kindness needs to come first. If our relationships are based on closeness and love, then they will go very far. However, if they are based on severity and discipline, then the journey will take much longer. This week’s incredible story is about a man who went the extra mile and beyond to be there for another Jew, and then the miracles happened.
Weekly Story for Terumah: Who Is Carrying Who?
At times we may feel that a life of Torah and Mitzvahs is difficult and too much to carry. But the truth is that it is not us who are carrying the Torah, rather the Torah is carrying us! This idea is seen in how the Levites carries the heavy Holy Ark. This week's story is about a young man who lost it all, but was courageous enough to trust that through committing himself to Torah he will be cared for and supported.
Weekly Story for Purim: Why the Hamantash?
Why in the world do we immortalize our enemy Haman by eating cookies that bear his name? The truth is that this is a case of mistaken identity. These Purim treats were originally called Muhntashen, which means 'poppy seed pockets'. The deeper reason for eating Hamantaschen is to symbolize how the Purim story was a hidden miracle, comprised of many natural twists and turns that all lined up perfectly in the end. This week’s story is about a Jew who thought he was seeing a sharp lawyer who came to his defense, but in truth, he was witnessing something so much greater.
Weekly Story for Pekudei: Got your GPS?
After the construction of the Tabernacle, we read how the Jewish peaple will follow the clouds of glory. When the clouds are lifted, they will move on. When the clouds settle down, they will rest. We too have a GPS—G-d Positioning System. Wherever we find ourselves, it is not random, rather it is for a purpose. This week's story is about an individual who was blessed to see the clouds of glory so vividly in his own life at the end!
Weekly Story for Vayikra: Are You Feeling Small?
The small Alef in the opening of this week’s Parsha teaches us about the special humility that Moses possessed. Interestingly there’s a big Alef in the opening verse of the book of Chronicles in the word Adam. What’s the message? True humility is not lying about one’s greatness. It is the realization that all my strengths, talents and abilities are gifts from Heaven. This week’s story drives this point home with a powerful lesson from a simple tailor and Rabbi Yerachmiel of Peshischa.
Weekly Story for Tzav: Keep The Fire Burning!
There is a fire of love for G‑d that burns within every soul. It is the task of the kohen—the spiritual leader—to find and feed this fire. As we celebrate the Rebbe‘s birthday, we recognize how the Rebbe kindles the flame of every Jew and encourages us to do the same. This week’s story takes us to an old, lonely Jew, in some forsaken corner of the universe as we discover how the Rebbe kindles his flame.
Weekly Story for Shemini: You Are What You Eat
What lies at the essence of the laws of Kosher? The Torah sheds lights with one key word: to differentiate, or l’havdil in the original Hebrew—this single word defines the Jew’s uniqueness as a holy person. When we eat kosher food it becomes part of who we are, and transforms our entire spiritual being and can even help our physical health as well. This week story brings the point home with an incredible twist on the very last line of a sacred letter.
Weekly Story for Tazria: Our Intrinsic Connection
Brit Milah, the circumcision, represents a deep intrinsic bond with G-d that every Jew possesses, beyond logic and beyond understanding. This is not something we earn through our own efforts, rather this is a gift given to us from G-d. This is why every Jew has a Bris simply because a Jew is a Jew. This week’s story drives the point home with an incredible Bris that took place in the most surprising time and place.
Weekly Story for Kedoshim: Check Your Weight
The Torah tells us that the Exodus from Egypt was conditional upon us ensuring that our weights are correct. Why is having proper scales such a big deal? Why are faulty weights worse than brazen daylight theft? There is a powerful message here about having integrity and avoiding duplicity. Our story takes us to a cold winter in Krakow and a very special man named Shlomo the Butcher.
Weekly Story for Shelach: What Would You Do?
What is the connection between Eurovision, a gas station in Northern Israel and YOU? Enjoy this week's inspiring story, which reminds us that our baseline and default needs to be not what I think is best, but what does Hashem want from me in this moment. This will rectify the sin of the spies and bring us all back home!
Weekly Story for Tammuz 3: Share the Love!
In his very first discourse upon assuming leadership, the Rebbe chose to focus on the deep love that Jewish leaders have for each and every person. This week’s story shares the remarkable moment when minutes before the final distribution of dollars ended, the Rebbe bestows his love upon a broken-hearted couple and changes their life forever.
Weekly Story for Chukas: Do You Really Know Me?
While it may seem like we know ourselves and those around us, the truth is there is so much more than meets the eye. We learn from Aaron what it means to bring that truest essence to the fore. This week's story takes us to a small farming town in New Jersey as we witness the revival of a Jewish soul, thanks to the far-reaching vision of the Previous Rebbe.
Weekly Story for Pinchas: In a Small Lebanon Village
As the Jews are about to enter the Land of Israel, G-d directs them to make lots to divide the land. A miraculous voice also emanated confirming their portion. This underscores how wherever we are in life, is always for a purpose. This week’s story is about a famous Israeli and an incredible life-altering experience he shared with fellow soldiers in a forsaken village in Lebanon.
Weekly Story for Masei: It’s the Detours That Define Us!
“These are the journeys…” but surprisingly the Torah proceeds to recount not the journeys, but the 42 encampments. Is this portion about the stops or about the journeys? The message is clear: each stop was not seen as end unto itself, but as a stepping-stone in the larger journey towards Promised Land. The same is true with the setbacks in our journey through life. This week’s story involves the city of Las Vegas, a couple in prison, three young children left alone, and a powerful lesson that even during times of crisis, there is a deeper purpose waiting to be actualized.
Weekly Story for Devarim: What Is Our Secret?
What is the symbolism of the most tragic month of the year being called Av, which means Father? The message is that we all have one Father. The strength of the Jewish people is that we are one big family. This week’s story is with two Jewish mothers who never met before, yet discover how they each carried the other during the darkest of times.
Weekly Story for Elul: Open Up the Door
The month of Elul is an unusually spiritual time. This is the month when G‑d is more accessible than any other time of the year. Enjoy this week heart-stirring story about a life transformed and uplifted when a door swung open.
Weekly Story for Ki-Teitzei: The Wild Ride Home
A story of a wild horse, an out-of-control young man, and its powerful message that can bring us all home.
Weekly Story for Ki-Tavo: Pick up the Call!
When you arrive at the place where Hashems wants you to be, just follow Him to where He takes you, because He knows where you are meant to be. Enjoy this incredible, hard-to-believe story at the Rebbe’s Ohel.
Weekly Story for Nitzavim-Vayelech: You Matter!
Every single person matters. We all play a role and have a story to create. This week’s story is about a miracle that happened on 9/11, as a continuation to a very special blessing from the Rebbe a decade earlier.
Weekly Story for Shabbat Shuvah: You Can Always Come Back Home!
Teshuva means to return. To return to your truest self. A Jew can always come back home, because truthfully he never left. This remarkable story spans multiple generations and a promise from the Rebbe that ultimately bore fruit.
Weekly Story on Our Response to the Terrorism and War in Israel
We’ve been crying. Struggling. So brokenhearted. What is the call of the hour? The Rebbe gave us the answer 50 years ago, 3 days into the Yom Kippur war. Our mandate is JOY! You can't go into battle with a faint heart or low morale. You need to be strong, courageous, and positive. This week’s story will deeply inspire you to bring forth your song of defiance and courage in the face of all this horror and darkness.
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