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The Rebbe

Learn more about the leadership, legacy and teachings of the Rebbe.

Rebuilding A Shattered World
Breathing new life into a shattered people; the three components that set the Rebbe’s leadership apart, in the aftermath of the holocaust.
The Elements Of Humility
Its a mitzvah to imitate our creator. We also try to imitate a Rebbe, teacher or mentor. A chasid tries to acquire at least some measure of his Rebbe's personality and character. This class tries to give us an observation of one measure of the Rebbe's qualities which we may try to emulate.
Living the Rebbe's Legacy
The Rebbe said a chassidic discourse and personally gave it out to thousands of people shortly before he passed away. In it, he explains the role of the ‘shepherds of the people’; the Jewish leaders. It sets the tone for the future and tells us what we need to do to reveal G-dliness in this world.
Rebbe and Chassid
Audio | 1:15:53
Rebbe and Chassid
An open and informative class on the relationship between Rebbe and Chassid.
Training Wheels
Audio | 48:55
Training Wheels
Rabbi Kaplan explains what happens when the soul leaves the body and the concept of a Yahrtzeit. How is it that Chabad copes after the 3rd of Tamuz -- the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory. What is the significance of the passing of a tzaddik.
Professor Alan Dershowitz
“Chabad taught us how to have Judaism without the "oy," but with the joy.”
International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries - Cheshvan 25, 5766 - November 27, 2005 at the New York Hilton.
A Particularistic or Universal Jew?
Redefining the Jewish World
What is the role of the Jew in a modern world: to cling to a particularistic heritage or to integrate into a universalistic society. Discover the Rebbe’s unique response and vision.
Ambassador Yehuda Avner
A keynote address by Israeli Ambassador Yehuda Avner at an evening dedicated to the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Detroit, Michigan – June 16, 2009).
Reflection on the Rebbe by Senator Joseph Lieberman
Commemorating the Rebbe’s 15th Yahrtzeit
An address by Senator Joe Lieberman at an evening commemorating the Lubavitcher Rebbes’s fifteenth yahrtzeit—anniversary of passing (June 29, 2009 - Philadelphia, PA).
Believe In Yourself!
Audio | 1:08:22
Believe In Yourself!
Commemorating the Rebbe's anniversary of passing
Rabbi Gordon shares personal reflections and inspirational anecdotes on the occasion of the Rebbe’s yahrtzeit.
Rabbi to the World
Audio | 1:08:21
Rabbi to the World
Carrying the Rebbe’s message in the halls of power
Rabbi Levi Shemtov, Chabad emissary in Washington, D.C., and rabbi to ambassadors, presidents and potentates, shares firsthand accounts of how the Rebbe’s teachings have influenced the world’s most powerful men and women. (Recorded on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing.)
A Story in Three Acts
How the Lubavitcher Rebbe Changed My Life
Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, tells how the Rebbe's guidance affected him at three critical junctures in his life. Rabbi Sacks suggests that we can all live the Rebbe's vision by a) increasing in love for all Jews, b) empowering individuals to discover their true potential, and c) sharing our Jewish commitment and observance with others.
The Rebbe's Revolution
What the Rebbe Saw In Each Jew
Rabbi and author Benjamin Blech shares personal stories of his relationship with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory, and speaks about what he believes was the main component of the Rebbe's influence -- the ability to see the fullest potential of each Jew. (filmed at Chabad of Brooklyn Heights on the occasion of the Rebbe’s 17th Yahrtzeit, 2011)
The Faithful Shepherd
A voice of hope after the ashes of the Holocaust
On the occasion of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s yahrtzeit, Rabbi Yossy Goldman shares the Rebbe’s unique vision of hope.
The Rebbe and the Rav
Audio | 2:02:04
The Rebbe and the Rav
Two remarkable Torah leaders and their relationship
The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, and the Rav, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, of righteous memory, were heirs to two traditions that are largely defined in contrast and in correspondence to one another. But each draw from the tradition of the other, and their personal relationship ran deep.
The Leader of Our People
Rabbi Zev Segal shares personal reflections on the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s impact and care for every Jew. This talk was given at a Shloshim tribute (30th day from passing) for the Rebbe in 1994. Every year on Av 3 (marking the original Shloshim), Nachum Segal plays his father's tribute about the Rebbe on his radio program “JM in the AM” (which can be heard every weekday 6-9 AM in New York).
The Rebbe as a Role Model
There is an abundance to learn from the Rebbe’s example, even in the everyday seemingly small things, in the details of both his sensitivity to others to his devotion to Torah and truth, which remain inspiring, vibrant and relevant as ever.
The Rebbe's Example
Personal reflections on the Rebbe’s approach to leadership
Joseph Telushkin reflects on what we can all learn and apply in our own lives from various stories about the Rebbe’s unique approach to leadership.
“Our Story” Initiative
Recordings of short anecdotes and personal experiences of women with the Rebbe—a project initiated by high school girls in partnership with JEM’s My Encounter project.
The Wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
With anecdote and personal stories, Rabbi Yossi Palteil illustrates a variety of incredible character traits and insights of the Rebbe, presenting a colorful picture of the persona of this larger than life leader in our times.
The Sacred Value of the Individual
An inspiring lecture on the Rebbe’s unique approach of empowerment, which has become the hallmark of Chabad outreach. (a talk on the occasion of the Rebbe’s yahrtzeit)
My Rebbe
Audio | 50:28
My Rebbe
Personal Reflections on the Teachings of the Rebbe
Rabbi Simon Jacobson shares his personal reflections on the teachings of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, on the occasion of the anniversary of his passing. (filmed at Chabad of Brooklyn Heights, 6/20/2012)
The Rebbe’s Personal Cardiologist Speaks
How caring for the Rebbe influenced my life
Following the Rebbe’s severe heart attack in 1977, Dr. Ira Weiss was entrusted to treat the Rebbe, which led to a special personal relationship for many years. (Recorded at a tribute for the Rebbe’s 20th yahrtzeit at the Eastside Torah Center in Bellevue, Washington)
The Rebbe as Statesman
An Ambassador Recalls the Rebbe
Israeli diplomat Yehuda Avner speaks at the concluding banquet of the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries in New York, addressing a series of encounters he had with the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory.
A Leader, An Activist, A Man
A Tribute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Rabbi Lau describes the Rebbe not just as a leader who revolutionized world Jewry, but also as one who cared about a widow in Israel who wanted to commit suicide...
Do We Know the Rebbetzin?
Weekly Story for the Rebbe’s Birthday: Seeing a Higher Reality
The message of the Rebbe’s birthday is a reminder to align our vision with that which the Rebbe has gifted us with. The ability to rise above what the world may seem to be and infuse it with a higher reality. This week’s story takes us to a small town in Texas where this message really hits home.
The Rebbe’s Impact on My Life & His Unique Approach to Torah Study
Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb shares a personal experience with the Rebbe, and endeavors to give a sense of the Rebbe’s innovative contribution to the world of Torah study and scholarship.
The Rebbe Gave Us a Voice
Rabbi Manis Friedman shares a glimpse into the Rebbe’s vision and historic impact as portrayed in how the Rebbe unmuted the Jewish world and gave us back our voice. A talk on the Rebbe’s yahrtzeit at an evening of tribute near the Rebbe’s Ohel (resting place) in Queens, NY (hosted by Tzach, Lubavitch Youth Organization).
Discovering Our True Self
Rabbi Efraim Mintz, using story and anecdote, shares key messages we learn from the Rebbe. From an evening of inspiration called a Meeting of Souls in honor of the Rebbe’s yahrtzeit, hosted by Tzach, Lubavitch Youth Organization.
The Gift We Were Given
A keynote address at an event in Miami celebrating the Rebbe’s life, vision and leadership in honor of the 120th birthday anniversary.
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