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Chabad Vistas
What Did the Rebbe Say to the Anti-Religious Chief Justice Who Came for Simchat Torah?

A Lesson in Remaining One People Despite Our Differences
Did Chabad's Founder Envision an American Future?

A historical reflection on the significance of “America” in Chabad thought, marking the 80th anniversary of the Rebbe’s arrival on US soil in 5701/1941
The Secret of Chabad

It dawned on me that this is exactly what the Rebbe envisioned. And I am so thankful to be part of that vision.
Do You Procrastinate?

The Hebrew word for almond is etymologically related to the word “shaked,” which means “quick.”
Moses Never Gave Up on Them

Moses sets an example for us how to never give up trying to inspire positive change in ourselves and others.
By the Numbers
Take the Jewish Language Quiz

What do you know about the languages traditionally spoken by Jewish people. Here’s your chance to find out!
Live Next Week: Unfazed - A Symphony of Living Voices, Story & Song
A worldwide virtual experience marking the 27th yahrtzeit of the Rebbe, of righteous memory, and the 40th completion of the daily Rambam study cycle.
What's New at and Chayenu Join Forces to Complete Online Text
Culling the texts will involve scanning paper copies of the book and meticulously converting the scans to text and formatting them.
The Lesson of the Lost Pictures

I began to snap photos of the people on the street, even though it was clear that they didn’t want their pictures taken.
My First Al-Anon Meeting

I am trying not to let my built-in judgmentalism take over …
A Prison Guard’s Journey Home

My childhood was a scrambled mix of Christmas trees and Chanukah menorahs, church visits and the occasional Jewish service.
What My Broken Heart Taught Me About Being Whole

He suddenly said he wanted to talk. I had butterflies in my stomach. This was the moment I had longed for.
Melachah of the Week
Koteiv - Writing

It is said "A person should always be artful in piety" (Talmud, Brachot 17a). The artfulness lies in seeing that his piety not be noticed at all. We know that a number of the early chassidim concealed their true selves, and when discovered were sincerely distressed...
— Hayom Yom, Tishrei 8
Print Magazine

In the Sukkah, we are all one because in essence we are a single being.

But that which is outside our essence—that which makes us the individuals who we are—that is not yet one.

In the unity of the Etrog, Lulav, Hadasim and Aravot, we are all one as distinct individuals, complementing one another to make a single...