Nechoma Greisman was a wonderful woman who loved having Shabbos guests. With her enthusiasm and simplicity, she always knew how to make people feel at home. With her wisdom, she always gave whatever was needed: a place to enjoy the day with a family, someone to talk to, or a deep discussion of Torah and Chassidus.

Nechoma's practical ideas about organizing her life were amazing to everyone who knew her. She made lists, cooked and froze meals, so that at any time she would be ready to serve delicious meals to family and to unexpected guests. She ran her home with an amazing efficiency that made it seem easy.

Nechoma Greisman was always willing to share her ideas with others so that they too could maximize their Jewish potential. Nechoma saw the challenge that Shabbos preparations present to the newly observant and together with her friend, Chana Ne'eman, resolved to write a primer filled with her tried and true methods of getting ready for Shabbos. The original scope of the book was to be broad, dealing with whatever details she thought would help her fellow Jew.

Sadly, our beloved Nechoma passed away at the age of 39, before her plans were fulfilled. However, the chapters that she did write will be of much assistance to the woman who is learning to "make Shabbos". The insight into Nechoma's loving and down to earth Torah life, the glimpse of this amazing Chassidic woman making Shabbos and welcoming guests with ease and pleasure, will provide inspiration for all.

Chana Rachel Schusterman