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Shabbat Bookshelf

Shabbat: the holiest day of the Jewish week. Included here are, step-by-step guide to Shabbat candle-lighting, Basics of Shabbat Preparation and even a complete Shabbat menu planner, complete with recipes.

The Laws of Cooking on Shabbos
A summary of the laws of bishul following the rulings of the Rebbeim of Chabad
Practical instructions that help novices and experienced Shabbat observers navigate the complexities of food preparation on Shabbat, from preparing instant coffee to post-mistake remedies.
The Shabbat Primer
Getting Ready for Shabbat
A Down to earth guide filled with tried and true methods of getting ready for Shabbat. It's original scope was to be broad. Sadly, the author passed away at the age of 39, before her plans were fulfilled. We present you with the two chapters already written which stand on their own, filled with warm and practical insight and helpful advice.
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