The Shabbat Primer was published In honor of the first yartzeit of it’s co-author, Nechoma Greisman ע"ה. Among her many other projects, Nechoma was writing a book with Chana Ne’eman which was meant to give down to earth guidance to women new to keeping Shabbat. Sadly, she passed away on the 23rd of Shvat, 5752 (January 28, 1992) at the age of 39, leaving her family and her beautiful life’s work before her plans were fulfilled.

Even though the book remained incomplete, we now present you with the two chapters which were already written. They stand on their own, filled with Nechoma Greisman’s warm and practical insight and helpful advice.

Publisher's Preface Foreword Chapter 1: Practicalities Chapter 2: The Mitzva of Hospitality: Being A Host Full Index Introduction: How We Came to Write This Book About Our Maximalist Approach About The Book