In honor of the first yartzeit of Nechoma Greisman ע׳׳ה , we are publishing The Shabbat Primer. Among her many other projects, Nechoma was writing a book with Chana Ne'eman which was meant to give down to earth guidance to women new to keeping Shabbat. Sadly, she passed away on the 23rd of Shvat, 5752 at the age of 39, leaving her family and her beautiful life’s work before her plans were fulfilled.

Even though the book remained incomplete, we now present you with Chapters III and V, which were already written. They stand on their own, filled with Nechoma Greisman’s warm and practical insight and helpful advice. After the "Table of Contents", we have placed a section entitled What Was Meant to Be Included in this Book. This was the plan for the larger book, showing the tremendous breadth of subjects that Nechoma had hoped to cover.

Shmuel Greisman has worked selflessly to bring his wife's writing to the public. He has worked on every aspect of this project with total devotion. May this work bring zchus to the neshoma of Nechoma ע׳׳ה bas Mordechai שיחי׳ , and may he be comforted by the One who comforts and blessed to greet the face of Moshiach revealed now.

We would like to acknowledge Laya Klein who worked tirelessly to organize this project. We thank Uri Kaploun and Chana Rachel Schusterman who edited the manuscript. Yitzchok Turner is responsible for the layout and typography, and Avrohom Weg designed the cover. We thank Yonah Avtzon who masterfully put it all together and made this volume a reality.

Machon Chaya Mushka

22 Shevat, 5753

5th Yartzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka נ׳׳ע