For two years, whenever her time permitted it, Nechoma ע׳׳ה and I collaborated on a book about keeping Shabbat. Aimed primarily at beginners women, men, singles, marrieds it was to be a guide to the practicalities of observing this precious, but complex mitzva.

The following chapters would have been at the heart of our book. True, the insights of experience of many resource women contributed greatly to its content. But the guiding soul was Nechoma's. She brought to the project her profound knowledge, life experience, enthusiasm, and utter devotion. These, one might say, were the prerequisites for the job, the credentials which made her an "authority." But her special contribution lay in her unique, typically Nechoma qualities her humor, tolerance, all-embracing warmth, and great common sense.

I brought to the project some writing-editing experience and all the questions of a beginner. Essentially, though, I was Nechoma's second pair of hands. While she mended, washed dishes, chopped vegetables, and poured out her ideas, I scribbled down notes, later to be written up, tossed about with Nechoma, and finally polished.

Unfortunately, our book was destined to remain unfinished. But I have no regrets. Learning with Nechoma just being in her presence was a great privilege and joy.

Through the chapters that we have here, Nechoma's personality shines through everywhere. She advises on handling shy guests, scheduling family laundry, involving small children, making Shabbat as a single person, and many other topics. But the section I most looked forward to seeing she never wrote. It would have come at the very end of the book, and she entitled it, "Your Will Only?"

Nechoma knew in every fiber of her being that there is One Whose will always comes first, and she ran to fulfill each of His mitzvot. She was all of one piece. She had absolute integrity. And her radiance lit thousands of hearts.

May these chapters serve as a memorial and a blessing. If they help to enrich your Shabbat observance, that is just what she wished.

Chana Ne'eman