The distinguished author of this book, Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka of Ottawa, is equally well known as a prominent rabbi, an expert in psychology, and a voluminous writer and author.

This work on divorce exhibits all three experiences which he brings to bear on his thoughtful analysis and practical guidance of one of the most devastating problems to afflict modern society.

For the Jewish community this is a particularly acute tragedy, since Jewish life and continuity were traditionally founded on stable homes, now alas disappearing on an alarming scale.

Our national origins go back to creative partnerships between our progenitors and to the transmission of their values to succeeding generations. If this breaks down, all other campaigns for the security of Israel, the fight against anti-Semitism and the spread of Jewish culture become relatively meaningless.

This volume should therefore be read with care and interest. In style and presentation, some parts may appeal more to readers in the New World than in the Old. But I am confident that all will find it instructive, absorbing and reflecting a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Lord Jakobovits
President, Conference of European Rabbis