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Divorce Q&A

Husband Wants a Divorce
My husband has decided he wants a divorce. Should I try and persuade him to stay? Or do I let him go because it is obviously what he wants? The other thing is that I am pregnant...
Parents Getting Divorced
I am a teacher and just received this note from one of my students. “My parents have recently gotten divorced. I'm afraid of my parents remarrying. I'm afraid of having to accept another person into my life, and into my parents' lives..."
Ex-Husband and Our Son
I am presently divorced from my son's father and our son will be getting married very soon. According to my son, my ex-husband will not come to the wedding if I come...
My son recently remarried and his new wife has three children from her previous marriage. Her three children are close in age with my son's three children. In addition to us being a bit overwhelmed and trying to adapt to this new Brady Bunch situation, I am not sure how to really integrate my new grandchildren into our lives...
Does a divorcé continue wearing a tallit?
When donning the tallit for the first time after the wedding, it is naturally being done with the intention of wearing it every day from then on...
Husband Not Talking
My husband's parents are involved in a high conflict divorce. My husband has unfortunately been exposed to some very unpleasant realities about his parents, and I see how his stress is taking a toll on him. It's been a few months now, and I can't seem to get him to share his feelings...
Are 9/11 Widows and Widowers Allowed to Remarry?
I know that Jewish law requires one to obtain either confirmation of death or a Jewish certificate of divorce before remarrying. What happened to the women and men who, in many cases, did not know whether or not their husband or wife was in the building at the time of the crash?
Why Can’t I Be Vengeful Like G-d?
With one phone call, I could ruin his career and shatter his entire life. Should I do it?
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