Think you’re going this alone? No way. We’re all tied together. We’ve been traveling down this road arm-in-arm for almost 4,000 years.

All of humanity is tied together, branched out in families. If you’re Jewish, you’re part of an amazing family that shares a common heritage, history and distinct way of looking at the world.

Being connected lies at the heart of all this higher life strategy. It’s the turbine and the magnet. Call it bonding with your people. Or just community.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Drop in to some place where Jews hang out. Like a JCC. Or a Chabad-Lubavitch center. Or the local kosher bakery. Talk to your people. Bond with your people. Play squash with your people.
  2. Volunteer. Every Jew’s got to be volunteered for something. Like making deliveries for the Kosher Food Bank. Or being a buddy for a special child through The Friendship Circle. Or being the official candyman in synagogue. Ask around—there’s sure to be some community role waiting for you.
  3. Do Shabbat with people. Invite guests. Get invited as a guest. Eat together. Sing Jewish songs together. Tell stories together. Stay up late and fall asleep at the table together.
  4. Talk good things about people—especially your fellow Jews. When you find something nice to say, you bring out all the goodness in those people and let it shine. All the negativity fades away.
  5. Find out what other people need. Listen to them kvetch. Find jobs for them. Have them in mind in your prayers. Call them up if you don’t see them around for a while. Visit them when they’re hospitalized. Be concerned—and do something about it.
  6. Smile. Say “Nice to see you today.” How about, “You’re looking great today!” Doesn’t cost much, but you could make someone’s day.
  7. Call your mother. Your dad too. How much quality time have you spent with the kids lately? How about your spouse? Hey, they’re Jewish, too. Hold on—so are you! So be proud of it and bond with your Jewish soul. Look, you gotta start somewhere.