Simplest thing you could imagine:

  1. Get an aluminum can with a slit on top. Okay, a small cardboard box could also work.
  2. Put it on your desk at work, where no one can ignore it.
  3. Drop in a few coins.
  4. Wait.
  5. First subject enters, asks, “So what’s the deal with the tin can?”
  6. You answer, “It’s called a pushka. Just drop in some loose change.”
  7. Subject asks, “So where does the money go?”
  8. You answer, “I dunno. Got any ideas?”
  9. Collect the ideas.
  10. When the can is full, send it off to the charity of your choice and replace immediately.

Congratulations, your place of work is now officially elevated into higher living status. Repeat with car, kitchen, bedroom, studio, production set, spaceship...wherever you hang out. Elevate them all.

People see a business as a place where one guy rips off the other. My pushka has a message. It’s saying that life is not about what you get, it’s about what you give. The money that I make, it’s there so I can give.

Better to give one penny a day for a hundred days than to give a dollar once in a hundred days. Why? Because every time your hand does an action of giving, it becomes more and more a giving hand.