No, we don’t mean you’ll need a ladder. We mean spiritually higher. We mean, fill your home with books that lift you higher. That lift your whole home higher. Even if you never read them—they’re there and their presence has an effect on you and your home.

Of course, we won’t protest if you peek inside one now and again...

  1. Get a bookshelf.
  2. Visit your local Jewish bookstore. Or visit an online Jewish bookstore—see "Readings and Resources" below.
  3. Get the basic Jewish books: Five Books of Moses. Psalms. Book of Prayers. Get them with English and commentary.
  4. Look for a few spiritually uplifting books that interest you, as well. Also, get some books for the kids.
  5. Buy books. Put them on shelves. Put them on tables. Put them almost anywhere in the house.
  6. Kids will ask, “Hey, Dad, Mom, what are those weird-looking new books on those shelves? Can you read me one?”
  7. You answer, “Naa. Those are for adults only.” Support your statement by curling up on the couch and burying yourself in one of those books.
  8. Kids now go obsessively nuts over books.
  9. You surrender and read and explain stuff from these books.
  10. Keep buying books. (You’ll need more bookshelves, too.)

Your house may look like it’s still on planet earth, but really it’s flying. Life is getting higher by the minute.

What kind of a house do you have? Whatever it’s full of, that’s what your house will be. Our house is full of Jewish books. Four thousand years worth of Jewish books. So it’s a 4,000 year old house. A house that’s built to last forever.