Here’s the ultimate house-lifter:

  1. Locate the door to your house. (We told you this stuff was simple, didn’t we?)
  2. Check if it has a mezuzah.
  3. If yes, proceed to step 7. If no, continue.
  4. Get a mezuzah with a nice mezuzah case. Don’t accept fakes or empty cases. You can order one by clicking here.
  5. Gather family at doorpost.
  6. Affix the mezuzah to your doorpost. Follow the instructions given here.
  7. Twice every seven years, take your mezuzah for a checkup. (Mezuzahs get ruined by weather conditions. Many were never kosher to begin with).
  8. Find more doorways in your house.
  9. Put up more mezuzahs.
  10. When delivery boy complains that he was pressing the "doorbell" for five minutes and nobody answered, tell him that it’s an ancient Hebrew scroll inside a case.

They say the soul of every person can be read in the mezuzahs on the doorways of his home. It makes sense. A doorway is a passage from one domain to another. The mezuzah is the script for that passage. As we enter this world, we also get a script. And there it is, somehow encrypted in the nuances and details of those mezuzahs in our home.

How does a mezuzah work? We roll up a little scroll that declares G‑d’s oneness and fix it to our doorpost—and that oneness of G‑d stays with us, providing a protective shield wherever we go...