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The Rebbe's Mitzvah Campaign centered around ten key mitzvot. This section contains a selection of readings and essays about the significance of these ten ingredients for a higher life.

The Power of the Deed
Perhaps the wildest, craziest and most outrageous thing the Rebbe did was to launch a mitzvah campaign...
Wrapping the Mind and Heart
An enigma among human rituals: Black leather boxes containing parchment scrolls inscribed in meticulous accordance with the criteria of an ageless scribal art. Not to be read, but to be worn . . .
Eternalize Your Mind
Learning Torah
Other studies are means to gain knowledge. Learning Torah is an end in itself. It's the experience of asking questions, searching for answers, getting in synch with the minds of the sages -- the experience of making contact with the Divine Intellect
The Tzedakah (Charity) Box: Pushka Power
There are, of course, other ways to give charity. What's so special about the pushkah? Several things: more action, transformed space, elevated time...
Home Security Device
Think of it as a dedicated connection putting you online with the Infinite Server of All Things
Environment & Identity
A house full of Torah books
Ever consider inviting Moses, King David, and the sages and prophets of the Great Assembly to come live in your house? And maybe Rabbi Akiva, Maimonides and the Baal Shem Tov while you’re at it?
Shabbat Candles
Purifying Waters
Family Purity
The most important institution of Jewish life, next to the home, is the mikveh and its cycle of union and separation between husband and wife. Because precious things only stay beautiful when you follow the manufacturer's instructions...
Invest in Futures
Jewish Education
What is unique about the Jewish approach to education? A brief, 3,307-year overview
Because We're All One
Ahavat Yisrael
If we are a religion, then some Jews are more Jewish, others less Jewish, and many not at all. Perhaps nothing has been as detrimental to the Jewish people as the modern idea that Judaism is a religion.
The Last Campaign
Some people think Judaism is all about tradition. It's not. It's about making a whole new world
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