Written in Hebrew: דניאל
Gender: Male
Language: Hebrew
Meaning: "G‑d is my Judge"
Variations: Dan'l, Denel, Dan, Dani, Dany, Danny, Doniel, Donny

Biblical, Daniel 1:6-7. A prophet who authored the Book of Daniel, lived in Babylon and prophesied about the Messianic era. Much beloved, he spent his time assisting the poor, bringing joy to brides and escorting the deceased on their final journeys (Avot D'Rabbi Nathan 4:5). Daniel and Moses are considered the two defenders of the Jewish nation before G‑d (The Midrash, Shemot Rabah 43:1).

Dan was an independent name even before the name Daniel. One of the sons of the Patriarch Yakov (Jacob) was named Dan, and hence the progenitor of the Tribe carrying his name.

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