I beseech You, Lord of the worlds, Merciful One Who is full of compassion: If I have erred, sinned, transgressed, or committed iniquity, performing this or that forbidden deed, G‑d, hear; G‑d, forgive; G‑d, listen and act, do not delay. Do not see me shunned and ignore me. You will surely help and surely raise me up. It is only in Your great kindness that You created me, so that I could achieve merit. You brought me into being from nothingness.

If my deeds have caused a separation between holy and holy, choose me, draw me close, and renew me. Return us to You, G‑d and we will return. Grant my heart the desire to return to You in complete repentance, so that I will not be put to shame before my ancestors in the World to Come.

Remove the yoke of the evil inclination from my heart. Help me to subdue its desires, so that I can make Your will my will, for You have created me to fulfill Your will.

I implore You G‑d of mercy, Master of forgiveness: Forgive me, pardon me, grant me atonement. Cleanse my sins in Your great mercy, but not through suffering or illness. Do not turn me away empty-handed from Your presence, for You listen to prayers — for the sake of all the righteous resting here and for the sake of Your great glory. Blessed be He who hears prayer.

May it be Your will, G‑d our Lord, and Lord of our ancestors, to grant us long life, a life of peace, a life of goodness, a life of blessing, a life of sustenance, a life of prosperity and honor, a life imbued with the love of the Torah and the fear of heaven. A life in which You will fulfill all the desires of our hearts for good. May my prayer be accepted so that You deal kindly with me and my descendants and their descendants, in this world, for long days and years of life and peace, and in the World to Come.

May the meditation of my mouth and my words be acceptable before You, G‑d, my Rock and Redeemer.