Peace be onto you, may you have peace from now until eternity. May you lie in peace on your resting places without being pained at the distress of those who are close to you.

May you dwell in the holy cloud, and may you rest in the shelter of the Most high, in the shadow of the Omnipotent. May the great and holy King, blessed be He, hasten and speed your resurrection, and your rising with all the other righteous and pious men of the world. May He cause you to merit the world of which is all good and unending.

May it be the will of our Father in heaven that I be worthy — in your merit and in the merit of the other righteous and pious men who rest here — that G‑d Almighty, the Pardoner, will forgive all my sins, iniquities and transgressions. For it is for the sake of your glory that I have come here to praise His great and Awesome name, and to ask that you pray for me that He should deliver me from difficult travail and from trying times.

May my deeds be endowed with blessing and success, my afflictions be healed, and all sickness removed from my midst. May I, and all of Israel, be granted a generous gift and generous sustenance. May I be granted long days, and years of life and peace, tranquility and security. May I complete my days in good old age.

May I be granted increased wisdom, knowledge, under- standing, grace, kindness, and mercy before Him, and before all the created beings. May my heart be focused to love Him and fear His name, to fulfill His will with a complete heart.

May it be Your will, G‑d, that my work lead to blessing and not to poverty, to life and not to death. Grant me merit so that the Name of heaven will not be desecrated by my deeds, and that I be one of those who are always useful and who provide goodness to all men. Lead me on a straight path before You and create a pure heart within me.

May Your Torah fill our home throughout our entire lifetime, and focus our hearts to revere Your name. Draw us close to all that You Love. Grant us a good heart, a good portion, a good inclination, a good friend, a good reputation, a good disposition, a good character, a humble soul, and a meek spirit.

In the merit of the righteous buried here, and throughout the entire world, and the good deeds that they have performed in this world, may they all be worthy intercessors before You and before Your throne of glory to carry out my petition and fulfill my request.