1. Ensure that the deceased receives a proper Jewish burial, consisting of a Tahara (purification of the body), a Shomer (a Jewish person to stay with the deceased until burial), Tachrichim (traditional shrouds), a "traditional kosher" casket, and proper burial in the ground, by the Chevra Kaddisha.

  2. Male mourners should recite the Mourner's Kaddish with a Minyan (quorum of ten Jewish males over age thirteen) at the gravesite after the burial, and for eleven months following the passing.

  3. Mourn the departed in full accordance with Jewish law and tradition.

  4. Give additional charity by placing several coins in a charity box before and after prayer each day in honor of the departed soul.

  5. Men should lead the three daily prayer services in the Shiva home and recite the Mourner's Kaddish. Following Shiva, men should lead the three daily prayer services in the synagogue for eleven months, if mourning parents.

  6. Light a candle in the synagogue every day for the first year, in honor of the departed soul.

  7. Commit to improving one's observance of a mitzva, and to inspiring one's children to do the same.

  8. Donate Jewish books to the local synagogue or Jewish school, inscribing in them "In honor of..." the Hebrew name of the deceased, and that of his or her father, "...of blessed memory."

  9. Study as many tractates of the Mishna (codified compilation of Jewish law) as possible, dividing the rest between volunteers. If possible, the entire Mishna should be completed by the Shloshim (thirty days from the burial). A chart for its division between several people is provided on page 279.

  10. Recite the Yizkor (memorial prayer) in the synagogue on the last day of Passover, on the second day of Shavuot, on Shemini Atzeret, and on Yom Kippur.

  11. Visit the gravesite to recite prayers and Psalms.

  12. Place a pebble on the gravestone to mark your presence.

  13. Care for the gravesite. Make sure it does not become over-grown with weeds or fall into disrepair.

  14. Name a new baby with the Hebrew name of the departed.