The main connection between one person and another whom he loves is not a connection of the physical body, but one involving the qualities of the soul, which is the essential element of the person and indeed his essence. However, this connection between human beings is expressed by means of the body and its limbs, the eyes, ears, hands, power of speech etc., in which a person expresses his thoughts, emotions and the particular characteristics of his soul, his essential element. It is therefore understood that illness, although it may damage the body, can never damage or detract from the soul.

The death that is caused by sickness or accident only separates the body from the soul, but the soul continues to live eternally, and continues its connection with the family members, especially with those to whom it is closest. It grieves together with them in their sorrow and rejoices in their family celebrations. (Adapted from a talk of the Lubavitcher Rebbe)