Once after World War II, a Chassid visited his Rebbe and began crying bitterly. The chassid had lost everything during the war: his wife, his children, his home, and his hope. He felt incapable of going on. In desperation, he begged the Rebbe for a Bracha (blessing) and an Eitza (advice); anything that could help him face the future.

The Rebbe, who had also lost his wife, children, and community during the war, listened in silence. He then bent his head in quiet contemplation, searching his own soul for words comfort. After a few moments, he spoke.

“The Torah is the Torah of truth. Not one word, not one letter is extraneous. And yet we find an amazing thing. The Torah ends with, ‘And there has not ever arisen a prophet in Israel like Moses, whom G‑d knew face to face; for all the signs and wonders that G‑d sent him to perform in Egypt to Pharaoh and to his slaves and to his entire land; and for the strong hand and for the entire great display that Moses performed in view of all Israel.'"

The chassid stared down at the table, as his Rebbe continued “The scholar Rashi comments, ‘In view of all Israel' refers to Moses' act of shattering the tablets with the ten Commandments before their eyes.' Yet why does the Rash add the words, ‘before their eyes?' Why doesn't Rashi just say ‘it refers to Moses' act of shattering the tablets?'"

The chassid was silent. The Rebbe looked at him and whispered, “It is because the Tablets were only shattered before their eyes. In the World Above, the Tablets remain complete, holy and pure. So too, the loves of your life have only been shattered before your eyes. Above, they too remain complete, holy and pure, waiting for the day when we will be reunited with Moshiach, may that day arrive speedily in our time."