15 Sivan, 5732
[June 5, 1974]


(1) Regarding the diary, I have read it and again it finds favor in my eyes. I wish to add that your son-in-law, Rabbi Shmuel Lew is correct in maintaining that when you write your diary and describe a Farbrengen it is worthwhile to write at least about one of the points that were discussed.

(2) Regarding speaking to me personally before your departure – in general you are quite right. In this instance however, there are so many people from Georgia, Bukharah and other places in Russia, who have waited for decades for this opportunity and who will be unable to come here in the near future. They are not accustomed to write to me and they are here for only a few weeks.

If I were to fulfill the aforementioned good thing to speak with you personally in my room more than once, then Yechidus would last a considerable time. I am sure you will agree that these people should have precedence. I am sure you will understand.