By1 the Grace of G‑d
26th of Nissan, 5732
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Councillor L. Donn, J.P., Pres.
The Council of Manchester & Salford Jews
11 Albert Square
Manchester, M2 5FX, England

Greeting and Blessings:

I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of your greetings and felicitations on the occasion of my birthday, which I heartily appreciate.

Your warm sentiments and good wishes are meaningful In view of the fact that our movement has found such fertile soil in the Manchester and Salford area, as in other parts of the country, where our movement is rendering dedicated service to the Jewish community, particularly in the area of Torah education and youth activity so vital in the present day and age.

I can best reciprocate your good wishes by reiterating the Divine blessing given to our Patriarch Abraham, “I will bless them that bless thee.” Accordingly, may you and all the members of the Council, in the midst of all our brethren, enjoy G‑d's blessings “from His full, open, holy and generous Hand.”

Cordially yours,