5 Adar, 5732
[February 20, 1972]

With great astonishment I read your letter: I have clearly stated many times that my friends should not endeavor that so-and-so should visit me, and certainly not pressure them to take of their time and do a favor to those that pressured them (and also a favor to me), and visit me.

This is not a favor for those that applied the pressure nor is it beneficial for the activities (in the hope that by visiting me – the visitor will contribute a larger donation).

Since it is obvious that I consider you as one of my friends – it is understood that the above-mentioned instruction applies to you too.

The reason for this instruction is obvious: There is benefit in visiting me were the visitor to desire it on his own initiative; but when he agrees to this only after a number of people (whom he sees as my representatives) have pressured him and told him that they have cabled and telephoned me, and spoken to my chief-secretary, and numerous times – as a polite person he has no choice and must fulfill my request through my numerous representatives. He will therefore rearrange his itinerary to visit, so that they should cease to disturb him, his father and his wife. (As you have written in your letter that he will have to travel from the pleasant climate of Bermuda to the cold and ice of New York.) All this in order to fulfill the requests and pleadings of my emissaries and friends in Manchester.

[Even if there were no such explicit instruction – as a communal worker surely you will agree that this type of behavior is not warranted at all and does not add to the honor of Lubavitch in Manchester and New York. It is my hope and request that as a communal worker you will explain all of these points to all those whom, as you write, “started” this.]

As to your question, what to answer Mr. Hubert: Tell him the truth and in my name (that I have asked you (Jaffe) to tell Hubert that those that spoke with him regarding his visiting me did so of their own volition and were not aware of the visiting times during this winter. When they notified me of this – I instructed my chief secretary to phone with the following message):

I am distressed at the suggestion that while in NY for a few hours you were told to disturb your plans and cause discomfort to yourself and your wife by visiting me in the middle of the night etc. etc. Even though they had noble intentions (due to their deep commitment to me and their Chasidic feelings) I rebuked them for taking advantage of your eidelkeit and good relations with Lubavitch by suggesting this and thus causing you extra distress. They should therefore request in my name that you do not alter your initial itinerary at all and not travel to Brooklyn in the middle of the night for a short conversation with me (especially bearing in mind the current weather).

When you will have the opportunity to visit New York for a longer period of time and during better weather and you will have the desire to visit me and with advanced notice (in order to reserve a longer time slot) – surely it will be my pleasure to make your acquaintance face to face and to express my appreciation to you (and your father) for all your support to Lubavitch activities in England, your financial support as well as your moral support.

All of the above is final. Surely you will not pressure me any more on this matter. Also in the future – you will not pressure people to visit me (not the above mentioned person or others, and not his father).