By the Grace of G‑d
26th of Tishrei, 5731
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[October 26, 1970]

Greeting and Blessing:

I trust you received a full report from the visitors who were here for the month of Tishrei. I hope they also conveyed some of the points which were discussed at the Farbrengens.

I duly received your correspondence, and am particularly gratified at your keeping me informed of what is happening in your area, not withstanding the fact that because of extraordinary pressure of duties, my acknowledgment of your correspondence is not “always” very punctual.

The important thing is that our correspondence to each other, as well as all correspondence of one Jew to another, should be of good content, and I mean the true and real good.

I was particularly pleased to read in your letter about your relationship with the present bank manager. To be sure, one is not to bear a grudge against anyone, according to the way of the Torah. However, this is insofar as you are concerned. But as for me, I cannot help contrasting the present relationship, with that of the past.

No doubt you have taken full advantage of the month of Tishrei which according to the Medrash, is called “Shevii,” indicating also that it is sated with festivals and is also a source of “nourishment” for the entire year following.

With blessing,

M. Schneerson